RMP - is it really that bad?

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by chandysbud, Jan 3, 2006.

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  1. Having read many things on here about the RMP I have one question: Is it really as bad as everyone makes out?
  2. Hate them all, every last wanabee Policeman/women
  3. Joee, I suspect that your sentiment would be returned 10 fold by each and every monkey that has ever dealt with you. (Many, many-take off your shoes and socks, and attempt to arrive at a figure)
    Chandysbud, what do wish to know? Are we as bad as some squaddies make out? No, not normally. Some of us do have our moments however. For each tale presented where Monkeys have "screwed" someone over, I'll provide you with 10 where we've helped someone out.
    Is the job bad from our point of view? Sometimes, isn't everyone's? I'm still in so it can't be that bad, after all I joined late, and have quite wide experience of civvy street.
    wanabee copper-not this C/S. I have several mates in the old bill who tell me the job isn't what it used to be.
  4. IMHO, All they do is riffle through MFO boxes
  5. Fortunately, your humble opinion is wrong and probably allied to an intelligence quotient equal to the number of fingers on your left hand.
  6. And check BFG Docs.

    What do they do in the UK if there is no BFG docs to check? Stand in Snowdrops???? I ask as I have only had BFG postings.
  7. Don't know the degree of change as to RMP self-perception. However, it will save a lot of bandwidth, time and annoyance if I just add what I have said here before.
    Basically and at the very root of relationships, is the extract from Chas 1 Articles of War relating to the Provost. This includes the phrase "... and he cannot be beloved". So, bad opinions are not new. This is due to the nature of his work. Sometimes, very rarely, what the guys do is appreciated. Their normal return for hard work is castigation and scorn. The way in which one best adjusts to this is to ignore the praise and the scorn. The onlooker has very little idea of what the job involves. For every tale of some imagined hard dealings and rough justice, there is one of, for example, pulling dead mum and the kids out of the mangled wreckage of the car dad drove into a Belgian tree on the way back from Christmas leave. Military police are not exempt from bad leadership any more than the average infantryman, signaller or craftsman. It is just that they are more visible. They find it best to keep themselves to themselves - even there, normal misunderstandings occur. To put it in school-yard terms, 'Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me'. If you cut them, they bleed.
    So, waste your time with obscenities. Tales of how you shafted them. Tales of how they stitched you up. All the, 'I had a mate who....' It is water under the bridge. They will continue to do their job - to the death as we saw in Iraq and other places where they enter, not very well trained, badly informed, half-cocked into situations and places where their much better prepared critics walk with adrenaline running. Maybe there is evil in some - but there are far less of them anyway. Problem is that the good is also scaled down in comparision.
    So, why not end the thread here. The question is valid - there are no totally correct answers. Better spend your time writing on lavatory walls.
  8. ha ha ...I rest my case.

    Cnuts the lot of you.
  9. forgot to mention, they nick stuff too (oooops, sorry, 'confiscate'......)

    ...and as for SIB, now there's some real knobbers
  10. See what I mean - real perceptive comments that add a lot to the discussion!
  11. MTS if you're about to start another "Monkey Baiting" thread I really do suggest you speak to FRG first............. at least he is original and witty with his posting :lol:
  12. Very persuasively argued it was too, MTS. I always treat people the way I wish to be treated, or failing that if they respond with drivel I can do that too. Hence the response to your well considered posting. It was intended as humour, but never mind. read OldRedCap's post and you'll get a flavour of what most are really like.
    I won't attempt to change your preconceptions of Monkeys, but if you have had bad experience of them whilst on the right side of the law, maybe just maybe it was down to your attitude?
  13. FRG will no doubt be along soon, he always follows me. As for nicking things, well Kosovo broke my heart when we confiscated, then burned, about 200,000 fags. Oh the money I could have made there! Don't worry about Moving Target-he's just bitter at the fact he can't come up with somewhere original to stash his ill-gotten gain.
  14. ha ha ....******* the lot of you!