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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Quirky!1, Jan 7, 2009.

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  1. Hi,
    I was wondering if anybody could tell me the type of questions that the career advisors will ask me when i go for my selection interviews?
  2. Quirky,

    RMP Entrants are promoted to LCpl at the end of Phase 2, therefore selectors will be looking for leadership qualities as well as all the other entry criteria for the Army.

    You will probably have to give examples of leadership experience that you have such as Sports Team Captain, Supervisor, Youth Leader etc.

    We had an RMP applicant who had run the fruit & veg counter in Sainsburys - not exactly the most taxing of jobs but it showed that he was capable of organising people and stores (and fruit & veg). I hope this helps - good luck.
  3. i wouldn't worry.
    when i went to the careers office, the conversation went like this....

    him - "so what do you want to do in t'army?"
    me - "something techy, reme or sigs or something."
    him - "you want to be in the military police?"
    me - "yeah, ok."
    him - "cool, RMP it is."

    maybe things have changed a little though...
  4. Thanks Nark and tired-chimp.
  5. Yeh mine was pretty laid back and more about me than the RMP, however there were a few questions on the training
  6. Do you like Krispy Kreme donughts?
  7. Or using a speed gun in a 'warzone' to keep people at 10 miles an hour?
  8. Ah, I wondered how long it would be before the resident window lickers turned up. The guy's after advice not grooming.
  9. Then you're in the wrong forum :)
  10. Ooh almost topical. Almost funny. Story of your life - almost
  11. Advice? Ok, here's some. Do a useful job if want to join up - AGC? :lol:
  12. And your trade is, Box? You think we enjoy enforcing a 10 mph limit? Who sets them? Here's a hint-it ain't RMP!
    Off ops, I get my kicks taking drink drivers off the road, sorting out people who have been asaulted etc. I don't need your retard opinion to tell me RMP sdometimes do something useful.

    You think the RMP lad shot in Basrah as part of a surge thought he wasn't doing a useful job? Tube.
  13. Inf. A monkey getting stressed. Shocking. I really don't care or want to know what you get your kicks from. At no point did I slag anyone for getting smashed in Basra, so dry your eyes sweetheart. :wink:
  14. Not gettin stressed at all. An infanteer getting the wrong end of the stick? Well I never.

    Merely pointing out the fact that the reality you play in isn't the real one.
  15. I can certainly see how having an affinity with vegetables would be ideal preparation for becoming a member of the RMP. However, I beg to differ about the "Youth Leader" experience as that would make the applicant significantly over-qualified in the leadership department.