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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Line, Dec 7, 2005.

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  1. Hi,

    Can anyone shed any light on possible questions I could be asked ro what I need to know for interviews for the RMP?

  2. You the accused or going for a job?
  3. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Take a good brief an go 'No Comment' if there is any doubt of ID.

    Of course this does not apply if it is a job interview.
  4. Whether it be for as the accussed or for a job....say nothing...
  5. Don't let them take you alive......
  6. Do you like the colour red? Can you swaer at all times to never acknowledge that you are really part of the AGC?
  7. If interviewed for the job: turn up on time, in good order and answer truthfully and fully.

    If interviewd on a job: turn up on time, in good order, answer truthfully and fully.

    Trust me you know it makes sense.
  8. You may be asked what is the history of the AGC(RMP). Why doesn't the AGC(RMP) wear a green beret.

    When you get your turn to ask your questions, ask the panel "How come no one likes the AGC(RMP)?"
  9. The best info really is to place your hands on the table palms down spread your fingers, pick a point on the table, stare at it and say nothing. This will piss of the Stasi interviewer and he wont have anything to charge you with. Also dont fall for the old trick when they tell you your acting like a guilty man because your not saying anything. Its a stated case in law that no comment interviews cannot be held as proof of guilt. Ask Inf/MP he will tell you Im right.

    If its an interview for a job with the RMPall I can say is your the wrong man for the job. Join your local constabulary and be done with it.

    Jolly japes to all

  10. I meant for a job!
  11. I know but couldnt resist it. LOL best of luck youll need it. A shower of people youll never meet again. Ive also heard its changed since my days so best of luck to you mate.

    Damn Monkeys just sh1t everywhere

  12. Efargee20, that's right is it mate, say nothing and all will be well? My how times have changed.
  13. FRG,
    Don't give in do you mate. Admit it-you love all monkeys. Yes its changed, but trust me not for the better. Oh and I caught someone the other night-just can't figure out what to stitch him (oops I mean report) for. Hope you coppers are havin fun nicking female protesters (2 actually) at the cenotaph for the heinous act of reciting the names of Gulf war dead less than 1km from parliament. Makes you proud to be British....
  14. I found

    "Arrr ey Boss am beein onest. It wasnt me it was dat pr1ck from deh Emtee that put me upto it. Ee sed weed get a boss compo clame an den go arfs onit!

    Worked just fine for me
  15. Better than being a corps full of pumpers like the RLC