RMP, INT CORPS or Infantry?

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Hello all. Would appreciate honest advice and opinions please :)

I'm 21, I have 3 A levels grade ABB, so that qualifies me to apply for officer selection. However, I'm not sure if I'm the type of person ready to stand up, take responsibility and lead men. If I were to apply my choices would be Infantry or RAC.

I have looked at soldier entry and narrowed my preferences to 3; RMP, Int Corps and the Infantry. However, if I do apply for soldier entry would the Army look at my qualifications and think I'm taking the easy option by not trying for officer entry first, thinking I'm happy to waste my own potential? I've looked very thoroughly through the AOSB process and I'm hopeless at speed/distance/time stuff, although I could probably improve with lots of focused practise.

I have a few questions:

1. What is the likelihood of being posted straight to 156 Pro Coy after phase 2 training at DCPG? This is the unit I'd most like to join if I went for the RMP as they seem to do most of the 'on the ground' work, plus it looks as though there's opportunity to do P Company, am I right?

2. Is it possible to transfer from the RMP to the Infantry if I get bored with my job? I'm joining the Army partly because I want an exciting job with great camaraderie and it sounds as though it sometimes doesn't happen much in the RMP... It also sounds as though the officers in the RMP are quite disconnected and don't fully appreciate what RMP NCOs do?

3. It sounds as though promotion would be fastest in the RMP, then Int Corps, then the Infantry. Am I correct? How long or short can it take to become a LCpl in the infantry? 2 - 4 years on average?

4. Can infantrymen study for a degree whilst serving? If possible I would like to study politics. Could I do this as an infantry/RAC officer at some point?

5. Do soldiers or officers have more job security? i.e. If a soldier basically wants to serve for as long as they are physically able, can they do so? Same for officers. I imagine it is dependent on performance?

Thanks a lot.
There are a number of similar threads on the Int Corps forum which you may wish to peruse. However, as a guideline, whilst you can state a preference for a posting during your career, ultimately that decision rests with your Manning and Records Office and suitable vacancies in a unit commensurate with your rank and experience.

As for promotion, generally, the INT CORPS offers more benefits with regard to promotion (approximately 3 years between each rank- whereas RMP General Police Duties generally serve much longer in the Corporal Rank) and better opportunities of a Commission from the ranks.

As for transferring if you don't like your choice, at a later stage - it is possible but you would have to start again from scratch and mark time at any rank you may have gained until you are considered to be suitable and recommended for further promotion.

All this of course assumes that you are accepted for Phase 1 Training in the first place !
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