Did anyone see the 2 RMP in the newspapers accused of sexual harrasment the other day? AJ M & CF? Anyone have any more info???? :D
No that is why I am asking if anyone knows more details I heard it on the 'Grapevine' and was trying to confirm it!
It as a Sgt Major called **** and if i remember right he was a small Scottish bloke CP and some Captain who i have never heard of, the Captain is now out and making loads in Iraq, **** is still serving and again is in Iraq, both were in London Dis at the time of the incidents. The paper was last weeks NOW so it must be true. Both say they no nothing lol

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Yeas ** ********, know him well and surprised he was that way inclined! if ya get me drift..... Girl was ***** ******** although the papers did not release her name so don't tell anyone ok ;-)

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Captain - out , but not making loads in Iraq....
Sgt-Maj - called back from Iraq....

Hear rumours that disciplinary action may be taken and Capt. called back to the colours....

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