RMP in best kit!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by boney_m, May 2, 2008.

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  1. The missus went to Berlin the other day. At Checkpoint Charlie, the stadt have a couple of flunkeys dressed up in Brit, Russian and Yank kit for the tourists to have a gawp at.

    Have a look at the clip of the bloke dressed as an RMP! Ex SIB, obviously!!!

  2. Are you sure he's not still serving.
  3. that has to be one of the best turnouts i have seen from a monkey.
  4. He must be from the Drugs Intelligence Team, sporting a beard.
  5. Call that a sand bag wall?
  6. Nottyash, how out of date are you exactly? Drugs Intelligence team????? Surely you mean COT as they are now called? Clearly you don't have an up to date Locstat.
    By the way, you lot can stick to your man at Q&M suits, ginger, for the use of. I quite like wearing a suit for work, far classier! :lol:
  7. Isnt that the last orders at the bar look on Rememberance Sunday/Mates wedding , Funerals etc etc etc
  8. When I used to do Charlie it was generally classed as a quiet number where you could relieve your hangover from an Aussie tour the night before.

    The image presented is not that different from some of the guys we would drop there actually. If it was the Tiergarten PP NCO, he would be much worse, if in uniform at all.

    Bloody perestroika (?) has a lot to answer for! Ruined a good number, especially 246!
  9. More like CLOT, we all become obsolete and out of date eventually. In fact I quite like being classed as an oldie. It means I don't have to wear ginger suits anymore.
  10. Well Spotted Loons...

    "Headers and Stretchers" and No Seams showing bla bla bla...

    Must have been a U.S. Engineer lot who did the honours... 8O

    But The Below is kicking the arse out of a sandbag shelter! :roll:

  11. At least he is wearing his tie!
  12. F-CK ME just made a brew waiting for that poster to load , nice shelter by the way :D
  13. That German bastard is taking the piss out of the British, on purpose in my opinion. Obviously Bomber Command did not do a good enough job!.
  14. Mr Michelin - hats off...
  15. Can't this get put into the walt thread?

    Surely this guy is taking the piss or he's 110 :D