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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by DrunkenIrish, May 5, 2010.

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  1. Morning all, I'm looking to join as a soldier and hoping for the RMP. Went into my local ACIO yesterday to get initial papers only to be told that because I received a caution six years ago (so fully spent) I wouldn't be able to apply. I queried the Sergeant on this as I thought it was only full convictions that prevented service with the RMP/nursing/ink corp but didn't want to get into an argument over it and make a twat of myself on my first visit. I'm giving the RMP recruitment line a call tomorrow night and was just wondering if anyone knew of a way of appealing the caution as cause for rejection. Not looking to try and blag my way in via the backdoor just had my heart set on the RMP and would be gutted if a particularly stupid decision I made as a teenager prevented it as an option.
  2. Anyone heard of RMP/nursing/ink corps?
  3. Cheers for that Daxx we give them a call tonight. In regards to the RMP/Nursing/Intelligence supercorps I believe that'll be covered in the next defence review :D
  4. When applying for RMP you are vetted in the same manner as any other applicant. This includes a previous conviction check. In cases where there are convictions each application is considered by HQ Provost Marshal (Army) - HQ of the RMP and a decision is made on a case by case basis. It is not correct to say that if you have a convictionyou should not apply - the conviction will be considered and you may or may not be accepted based on what it is.
  5. A caution isn't a conviction, its a caution, ie a warning as to your future behaviour.
    Cautions were introduced years ago initially so that people didn't get prosecuted for doing silly things and having a black mark against them for the rest of their lives.

    Nowdays of course a caution(s) are sometimes used used to get a result where a prosecution would be a bit iffy therefore the right box can be ticked.
  6. So? have you any examples of ex cons who have joined the RMP? You imply they can?
  7. It has been known.
  8. I'm sure it has. So give up some names.
  9. I thought that went against arrse policy?

    Since you want to play detective, you figure it out.

    As you accept it has "been known", why the need for names?
  10. I have to admit, some of the monkey who I trained with, didn't quite make it through.
  11. There are loads of people in the RMP who had Cautions and Convictions prior to joining.

    There is also a fair few that have received Cautions and Convictions whilst in and are still serving.
  12. Set a thief to catch a thief??!
  13. It's late mate, I'll bugger off and find some other ****** to wind up. :D