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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by lilly_whites, Apr 17, 2007.

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  1. Is it true what I heard, that the RMP's are on the Higher Pay??? :? Is it all or just certain Ranks? :?
  2. No its true, it happened last year some time, not all ranks get it though, I think its just LCpl's, Cpls, SSgt's and WO1's. At the time there was a right moan by certain senior ranks (understanderably so too) that Cpl's were being paid more than Sgt's!
  3. RMP GPD LCpls and Cpls get higher band
    RMP SIB Sgts get higher band

    Full screws dont get more than sgts cause when promoted you can not go down in wage therefore they go onto a band in the lower bracket earning a minimum of 2percent pay rise (Not much i know and its shit).

    Yes there was a time when it initially changed over that Sgts earned less than some Cpls cause they had been promoted then the bands changed but hey thats life.
  4. What are full screws on a day now? I was on £42 a day when I got out in 1993
  5. Western used to work for 5 groats, a flaggon of mead and a goat a month. The goat was good company for a week or two, but once the relationship looked like it was getting serious (the goat complained about him being constantly pished on mead and that 5 groats wasn't enough for the house keeping), he barbequed it.
  6. GPD Sgts and SSgts didn't get higher band. There are still Sgts promoted up to 4 yrs ago who are on less than top band full screws.
  7. This c/s being one of those stripey's! Apparently the rationale behind the juniors getting high band (and well done them) was that they make potentially life changing decisions out on the ground! Thing is, what happens if they make the wrong life changing decision out on the ground? It's the orderly dog who ends up tabbing in. Caused a lot of resentment in the Mess. Apparently the party line is that the pay anomaly between senior screws and junior stripeys will resolve itself in a few years when said stripeys either promote or fall off the end. Basically, 'let them eat cake'!

    The main 'life changing decision' that some of the juniors make each shift is what to put in the fuel tank: and some of them can't get that right!
  8. GPD LCpl-Cpl High Band
    GPD Sgt-SSgt Low Band
    GPD WO2-WO1 High Band

    One big Cluster F**k springs to mind!
  9. I'd have thought that the juniors got it to keep them in. After all, most of the Seniors are caught in the pension trap and aren't going anywhere for a while, whereas the juniors (tomorrow's seniors) may decide that the grass is greener outside.

    I have no idea why GPD got any payrise at all. It's not like they have a clue about the job is it? Never off the phone to the SIB, either trying to pass off crap they should be dealing with themselves or to ask a thousand and one questions about something they've just unsuccessfuly tried to palm off.
  10. So, I assume from your comments about GPD juniors, that you're one of the 'elite Fed types', who are a veritable oracle of knowledge, with bucket loads of experience across the board combined with being operationally capable and a general fine example of what a professional soldier and RMP should be.

    Not one of the slightly or on their way to being obese Fed types who are fortunate enough to maintain a decent home life as there is so much more sway for them on when they are going to deploy. Don't get me wrong, SIB do deploy, but its sometimes keyed into when suits them personally and is rarely as frequent as many GPD bods. And when they do deploy, there is a strong percentage who operationally are unable to tell their ar*e from their elbow. One good example was on a recent deployment a relatively Senior SIB SNCO, visited my location were I was attached to an Infantry Company. I started to give him the obligatory brief on the location, actions on, etc... halfway through, he looked at me blankly, stopped me from continuing and stated that he 'doesn't do any of that military stuff' ??????????

    I personally think that GPD juniors are earning their higher pay band where it counts more than anywhere else and thats out in the field. It's all well and good whining on about being an orderly dog or having inexperienced lance jacks phoning up with benign queries, etc.... but it's those 'inexperienced' LCpls and Cpls who are being attached to Infantry Companies and doing the good stuff where a life-changing decision has a greater level of brevity to it.

    And as for higher band to maintain retention, I feel a similar thought process may be applied to SIB recruitment.

    By the way, I apologise if you are one of the 'elite fed types', (there are a few kicking about) and will shut up forthwith.
  11. But why did the rossers get given High where other AGC trades did not? RMPs were on a good number before all this, From joining their first unit, and a good rosser, there a Cpl on over 20K a year, 2 years in the Army and on 20K, not bad going eh?/
    If an SPS guy is a good clerk after the same period of time, he/she is lucky if their a LCpl??? So where is the logic there???? I was told, when this High/Low started, that the reason AGC were all on Lower, was because that RMP's got LCpl straight from training (for reasons that escape me).
  12. I think the main reasoning behind it was that RMP work a shift pattern. These days, its usually 3 early shifts, 3 late shifts and then 3 nights and hence 9 days without a day off. Add to that coming in on your days off to take witness statements, do interviews etc and it potentially makes for a busy work period. There arent a great deal of RMP either, so tour rotation these days is pretty frequent too and there are many who have knocked up 3 or 4 telic tours already.
  13. I understand that they have a hard working pattern, but at the end of the day, they picked their job as did we all. They cant say "can I have more money please, as im a Mil policeman and I have to man a Police Station from time to time and take statements". I worked with the RMP's, and from what I saw, they have a good 'Work Hard, Play Hard' system, more than I can say for the Att pers that get posted to them.