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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Mongoose, May 7, 2009.

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  1. Greetings all, quick question,

    I have a friend (no honestly I do and this is actually about her not me!) who is going through a divorce at the moment. She's married to a now ex-dropshort who when they were married used to go nuts and hit her and so on.

    The guard were called out on several occasions, I believe he was locked up a couple of times, photos were taken and statements taken after receiving physical injuries (yes shes a fool to have stayed with the idiot) and at one time a knife was confiscated that was used to chase her round the quarter.

    All this was about 6 years ago now and she's finally trying to get a divorce, she's trying to be as nice as possible - citing unreasonable behaviour - and using some lesser examples to attempt to get him to agree to it. However he's still a twat and refutes he's been unreasonable, now my thinking is that if a judge is provided with evidence from the RMP/MGS etc of things like this he's pretty likely to rubberstamp the whole thing. But how long are the incident books from the guard room / RMP reports etc kept? Would they be likely to be still available at a solicitors request?

    Many thanks for any help
  2. Mongoose it might help if you describe where on her body he hit her and did he use tools? Did he ever roundhouse her, knocking her to the floor before stamping on her head with his tongue protruding between clenched teeth a la Robert De Niro?
  3. Alas no, not quite so dramatic (on account of the fact he's a massive fag).
  4. Shame. Anyway on a more serious note, they're to be kept for 5 years although, most are just shoved in a spare cupboard in Gd Rm and left there to gather dust.
  5. Five years? D'oh.

    The cupboard sounds suspiciously like my filing system...
  6. If it was the RMP she reported the incidents to then there will be a record of the DOB entry and a referral to the local domestic violence provider. If in Germany then it will be the Joint Response Team in Gutersloh.
    Godd luck.
  7. If it was reported to the RMP and they put out a report on it, there is a place in The RMP school in Southwick Park, Portsmouth that will have it on file as all Police Reports are kept on file for quite sometime. It's called the Service Police Crime Bureau... give it a call and they may be able to help!
  8. Or if it is only a divorce that she wants, surely she has the last resort of simply admitting to some bullshit to satisfy the grounds for divorce (eg. admitting to adultery). You don't even have to show up in court to get divorced anymore IIRC so shame isn't such a great factor as it used to be.

    Though as mentioned above, the SPCB might be worth a go.

    Hopefully she's already spoken to a solicitor.