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I know this wont be popular but im looking to join the regs after 3 years in TA and loss of interest in my civvy job, one of my choices would be to join as an mp, reason being ive been wanting to join civvy police for last few years but chances of getting in that these days are slim to none.

I understand that the first job of any mp is GPD, as this is 24 hour policing, im interested in know what hours you work, is it in shifts of 12hours, or what?

Thanks in advance.
When I was a member, it was 10hr days & 14hr nights while on duty. It's important to note, however, that if you're not performing policing duties you can be working whatever hours are needed while on exercise or carrying out other training. The hours you'll be working shouldn't be part of your decision-making process if you intend to join the army full time though!
of course,im interested in what the average working weeks hours would be unless on exercise or on other duties, at present i work 10-16+ hour days including traveling to and from building sites mon to fri and then spend 2 weekends a month with TA, AND take 2 weeks of my annual 4weeks holiday from work to go on annual camp/trade course, another of those weeks has to be taken at xmas (on it now) which leaves me with one week per year to myself, this combination of jobs isnt working for me any more,so change needed.
Companies should only be working 12 hr shifts if the unit has an element deployed on ops. Many companies are on 8 hr shifts-we used to be on 3 early, 3 mid, 3 late, 3 off. Shift system may well be broken up by training periods etc, depending on the unit. Leave as you probably know is 6 weeks.

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