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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by digimate, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. im currently in the selection process and wanted to now if there was a certain time that i had to get on the 1.5 mile run to be accepted for rmp training, also any special upper body strength targets i need to get.

  2. <14 min at selection, <10.30 once you have done with your training.

    Ask your someone in your careers office for more details and they can show you a document that lists the run times needed and the upper body strength requirements that need to be met for entry and once your in.
  3. Somewhere, buried in this Board there are quotes from serving NCOs and Officers stating that it is often the case that RMP NCOs are passing out of Phase 2 Training without being able to pass the basic fitness tests.

    Aim for 10:30, which any living creature of your age should work up to in a very short space of time and you will win te prize for top recruit. Otherwise try the Ginsters training package.
  4. Winning top recruit for running a 10.30 pft... nice....
  5. From what the other posters say, about 12:10 should crack it!
  6. well cheers for the advise!

    when i asked my recruiting Sergeant he said for RMP ya need to be 'on the ball' with the run time, but with 10:30 - 14mins being on the ball, what the hell is off!?
  7. 14 min 01 sec...
  8. Actually I suspect it depends on the size of the recruiting officer's foot at adsc. By that I mean that there people each trying to run their own empires and no one except them can give a definitive time.

    Official guidance seems to be <14:00 but as I said that is subject to the discretion of the recruiting officer.

    Most recruiters seem to say try to get close to 11:30. I feel that 11:30 - 11:40 is a fairly safe time.

    In short, try to get 11:30.
  9. Here's a radical idea; why not try to get under 10:30 if you are preparing for a life in green. You will need to maintain this time until you are 30 and that may be a long time away (many pie laden NAAFI breaks and nights on the pop). Aim for 14:00 and you are sure to achieve little more. Good luck!
  10. Dont bother getting fit, get tits and arse and get biased timings for your PFT/BFT/BPFA/Fattys Filter (or whatever its called these days).
  11. That was a bit harsh?
  12. ha ha, being at an RMP unit now, they love phys. were on it 5 days a week if we really want to, at least 3 sessions. just make sure you can run 10.30 on your PFT and you're sorted, but really if you go there mega fit you haven't really got much to improve on, making an improvement is what most people want to see and that you're making an effort too.
  13. Sorry but I've got to disagree with the bit I have put in bold. There is so much more to training than fitness. Get as fit as you can before going and it is one less worry. It will also mean you can concentrate more on improving in other areas of training that you may be weak in. It may be many, many moons since I went through training but when I did one of our girls was a marathon and cross country runner. She was super-fit and left the PTIs and the Staff standing. She stood out for her fitness and was given kudos for it from the Staff. It also meant she had one less thing to try to improve on. Unlike the rest of us mere mortals who at times had to use our free time to improve our fitness. Not everyone can be super-fit on joining/transferring but every little helps. Fitness is one of the few things you can train for before joining. So get out there and do it.
  14. I spent 22 years trying to get close to the girls timings and still not having the same amount of time as an 18 year old girl when I left at 41 makes it ok for me to comment. If u still think its harsh too bad.