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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by darylc, Nov 23, 2011.

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  1. I've put this down as my first choice. Anyone know the run time and other fitness info?

    Before anyone bites my arse, let me just say I did search but I've gotten mixed results. Some say 10:30, the army website says 14:00 but the career breif the Careers office gave me says this:


    SL: 25 CA: 60 LM: 15 RUN:L3

    I take it these will be the most accurate so can someone tell me what these mean?

    Thanks :soldier:
  2. I think the test involves parking on the high street in Aldershot and getting into Dominos in less than 20 seconds.
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  3. 14 mins at ADSC. Once a trained soldier, depending on your age depends on your runtime.
  4. So for example, if I run a sub 14 minute run at ASDC and I'm 17, I'd have to run sub 10:30 to pass later on?
  5. Don't know about ADSC but the basic time for 1 1/2 miles in the army under 30 years of age is 10.30. It's easy enough-don't worry about it!
  6. cheers for the answers guys

    Just wondering wht this means:


    SL: 25 CA: 60 LM: 15 RUN:L3

    I assume SL means static lift, so the standard is 25KG static lift? Any idea what the others mean?

    Thanks again
  7. You need to do less than 14 minutes just to pass. Try and get down to less than 10 minutes. Obviously the faster the time the better the mark the higher up the recruitment list! I got an A grade at ADSC and my time was 10:10. My second choice was RMP.
  8. It's 15 seconds now, but you do get 15% off on collection if you show your RMP warrant card...
  9. I best get training then...
  10. .
    You will need good upper body strength combined with excellent gymnastic and running ability. Otherwise, how else are you going to pull yourself up and out of a car window, slide across the bonnet and do a forward roll and take down a crim without it?
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  11. No need for all of that when you can simply run him down with your car. Why break sweat?
  12. For RMP selection though, aren't the selectees still obliged to run while blowing a whistle while the hand is engaged in carrying a truncheon, left or right hand opotional?
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  13. .
    Don't they teach the throwing of said truncheon at a villians legs to bring him down in a T J Hooker stylee anymore?