RMP Fit For Purpose from the BBC

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Good CO, Mar 11, 2009.

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  1. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    Sorry if this has been done. I just got pointed at this by journalist Paul Burnell:


  2. Anyone got any dates for this? I'm sure one of those lads was in Gutersloh's det centre in 2002.
  3. If you have been on the AGC Forum, there was a bit of a dabate on this very subject.

    Brig Findlay is not being entirely truthful about the competence measured by the report. Check out the thread on it!
  4. Stacker1 - Beeb report dated :10 March 2009

    BBC Report
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I'd love to know the name of this junkie Redcap that set them up.
  6. Cheers but I was after the date they were arrested if this is the same one I think it is, it occured years ago.
  7. Anyone remember the near mutiny over the RMP in Munster around 1980?
  8. Can't find the thread. Any chance of a link ST?
  9. Whys that; bananas taken off the menu?
  10. They'd been overdoing the misuse of their position and it came to a boil after the usual friday night scuffle near the Bahnhof when they allowed GCP to take those arrested back to their place and stood back whilst certain assaults took place AIUI. First I knew was when the RSM called an emergency mess meeting. Many senior people in the provo coy were moved out afterward. It was either near XMas 79 or just after Spearpoint in 80 - pin it down by when the digital watches became popular.
  11. I've met some really sound RMP's here in Herrick. Not **** or pedantic, they just want to get on with their job. Speaking with them they do admit they do get some complete chompers who take the p155 but they are trying to educate them.
  12. I seem to remember it being around Christmas, the reason being was two RMP turned up at the Big Ben in Soest with inflated chests, there was no trouble, they were just jollying around in a Cortina with blue lights, and tried to big it up in front of the Deutche civs, a polite enquiry was made as to whether they were from Munster and they were on their way.
  13. There you go:

  14. My bad ST, I Was looking for a thread on the case mentioned in the report. Thanks anyway :oops:
  15. The scope of HMIC report in question is important to consider. It was not set out to be a thematic review of why and how the RMP has got it wrong so many times on a number of high profile investigations and prosecutions arising out of Iraq and elsewhere.

    The HMIC Report looked at higher level management structures, systems and processes in order to see if the RMP was positioned and configured to deliver an acceptable service. On the whole it was (adequate to good), but, of course, this does not necessarily mean that at a tactical or operational level service delivery is actually happening.

    The HMIC report asked different questions about the RMP than those required to scrutinise their repeated failure to investigate properly and effectively - and Brig Findlay knows this! The Judicial Review being driven by Phil Shinner will be interesting.

    An area the HMIC Report politely avoided was the RMP’s subservient relationship with the military Chain of Command, which it always defers to. This is a fundamental issue and explains why the RMP and the Service Police will never achieve investigations that are seen to be fair and independent.

    Indeed Article 6 of EHRC enshrines the Right to a Fair Trial. Soldiers should ask: How can the Military Justice System achieve a fair trial if the MOD own an investigatory and prosecuting machinery that is overly supportive of the military Chain of Command and is indeed part of it? It is only a matter of time before some one mounts a legal challenge based on this argument. But, on the other hand, if you get nicked by the RMP, given their current standards, you will probably get off anyway - just get your solicitor to look at their procedures.