RMP FAM Visit.

I meant to update this sooner for anybody else who may be interested in a visit.

Day 1: Arrive at Winchester station, get picked up and taken to Worthy Down.
Once we arrived we were given welcome packs including our room keys and information about the base. After this we went and had a series of talks where several officers (each from a different branch of the AGC introduced themselves-we also had an informal ice breaker).
After these talks we had dinner (the food was excpetional in the mess) and then went to the bar.

Day 2: Breakfast followed by PT we were assessed on maximum effort press ups and sit ups in 2 minutes followed by a bleep test. We were not formally assessed but it's worth putting the effort in.
After PT we had lunch then got changed ready for command tasks and the obstacle course.

The command tasks weren't complicated and there were clues in the instructions to listen out for as they can make your life much easier. Get involved but don't try and take over-one lad was told off for shouting everyone else down with the wrong ideas.

Next we had a warm up followed by the obstacle course. A lot of people were worried about this but I found it fairly easy and very fun, the PTI demonstrates each obstacle and the emphasis is definitely placed on completing it safely. The course itself was done as a team race involving several laps.

Next we had the lecturettes (5 minute presentations in front of roughly 10 people) we got to choose the topic and there was a large amount of variety-I did mine on my university's boxing club which I helped to run. Current discussions in groups of 5 followed each of us had suggest a topic and the Officer would pick their favourites. This is an easy time to shine don't be afraid to play devils advocate and argue against the popular view.

Following the discussions we had dinner then back to the bar.

Day 3: After breakfast we went to visit an RMP station and had a talk from a serving Officer and several Senior NCO's we were shown some of the techniques used for restraining suspects and some of the equipment that we would use on operation duty.

Once back at Worthy Down we had individual interviews with our Officer and were given feedback.

Overall I enjoyed the visit a lot-several of the people there had been to other fam visits and some had places guaranteed at Sandhurst. The overall feeling about the trip was very positive and I would recommend it as a visit.
Thanks for that, considering going myself but just wondering can you go before main board? I have done briefing but the chance of seeing another job and getting a prac of bleep test, command task and lecturette it would seem sensible to do it before main board?
You certainly can I've yet to attend briefing and I wasn't the only one there. My recruiting officer booked me onto the visit but I'm sure youc an contact them directly.
Jamesy i think you must have been on the same visit i was. Me and another lad currently serving i wont mention names for obvious reason. Was a good visit i think i was in your group when you mentioned Olympics and Grassroots? Whats the next stage for you now?
Joyce I've pmed you.

My next move is to go travelling and working for the next year. I can't do anything until next July due to being medically deferred for a year so I figure I'll just get myself even more prepared for formal selection.
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