RMP Duty Order

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by hoohaha, Aug 7, 2009.

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  1. Similiar uniform to that of MDP

  2. Stick with what we've got

  3. May as well just bung on some CS95

  4. Get back to the days of wearing 2's on patrol, when i was a lad.......etc etc

  1. Got into a bit of a discussion today with a few lads at work and some of the heirachy regarding the way the RMP is going in terms of duty order. (I know it's a boring subject but it was prompted by the arrival of our natty new No2 shirts, hmmm, nice :roll: )

    Apparently, this is something PM(A) is looking into, and the rumour mill at the minute is that we'll shortly be ditching our current get-up of Lwt Trousers, 2's Shirt and Jumper, wool, itchy, for CS95 as an interim arrangement whilst the options are weighed up.

    The heirachy here seemed up in arms about the idea, stating that CS95 on patrol would be 'too aggressive', but agreed that the current uniform needs an update as it is completely impractical for dealing with the more 'disagreeable'' members of our beloved Service community.

    What are people's views? Do we just stick with what we've got, thus saving loads of £££ in 'Research and Development' for something that would probably end up as a load of cack anyway? (see our new HV vests as an example)

    My tuppence worth: The current uniform is outdated, uncomfortable, and a bit bizarre looking. As if random pieces of Mil clothing have just been bunged together because they're almost the same colour, but i don't agree with the prospect of CS95 on patrol either. I think that a uniform comprising mainly of items currently used by MOD Plod (already NSN'd and therefore, in theory at least, easily obtainable), whilst retaining an obviously military appearance (especially important in AOR's where we work with CivPol in the UK)

    I'd be interested to read people's opinions on this, and it would be great if someone here on Arrse was in any position to influence the final decision and was willing to 'listen to the guys'

    Over to you...................
  2. A nice wooly coat
  3. Only to be worn in July / Aug :D

  4. MDP uniform would be fine and would of course save the costs of trials and development. However would the MDP be happy about this and how then do you identify RMP from MDP/Civ pol.

    Anything has got to be better than them stupid lightweight things without twisters though, they were horrendous.

    Actually did feel quite comfortable though in the smooth type barrack dress and No 2 Dress shirt. The JHW was a bit much though.
  5. You're in the army. If you want to wear an MDP uniform, join the MDP!

    I've seen billies fight with helmets wearing the old No2 dress which was de rigor back then......and still win.

    Soft arrse.
  6. Just another example of particularily poor staff work by HQ PM(A) over a twenty year period. Back in the late Eighties a Study took place which recommended, amongst many other things that were ignored, that a specific RMP Patrol/Duty Order should be procured.

    Sad thing was that the report was received by people who had no concept or experience of police work or duties and were quite happy to let sleeping dogs lie. After all it wasn't going to affect them while they were tucked up in their beds after a 30 hour working week was it? This of course includes the current Corps hierachy who have presided over the transition from No2 Dress to Lightweights.

    It is of course now far to late to change the situation as the funds are no longer there, but take comfort in the fact that just like CivPol it is now the vogue to look like a sack of garbage. Just pray that they don't bring back No2s.
  7. F.A.D. - like the rest of the army...
  8. Would MDP have a problem? i'm not sure that they would, as long as the two (RMP and MDP) were easily distinguishable, no-one wants to lose the red beret, and clear markings and military rank insignia should sort out any confusion with Civ Pol, without making us look like some sort of Stormtrooper / Gendarmerie.

    I'm not for a minute going to consider joining the MDP, but being a Home Office Police force, they are seemingly a hell of a lot better funded and equipped than we are for our policing role (which is only a slice of the pie in terms of what we actually do, the reason i'm still in is the variety). I've been in plenty of scraps in the course of my policing, especially at pay weekends, and whilst they have all ended in my favour a fair few have resulted in me having to go to the QM for some new shoulder titles, to replace a ripped shirt, etc..

    I just think we need some sort of modern, robust, smart and practical kit to wear out on the ground.

    If that's not possible then there's always another option, as long as i get the dog and eye patch :D

  9. Why not get Ronald MAcDonald suits as the vast majority are burger eating fcuking clowns!!!
  10. MDP are not a Home Office Force.
  11. You'll have to try a lot harder than that i'm afraid :roll:
  12. My bold

    Trying to talk yourself out of a job too!
  13. That is the first thing that should go, the clue is in the nickname red CAP :wink:
  15. CS95 like the rest of the army.
    RMP are still soldiers and you are made visible as RMP by the big red hat, belt and MP TRF badge.
    Wearing a soldiers uniform is not a sign of being aggressive.
    One of the variants of FAD will suit the need if CS95 won't do.