RMP & DUTY FREE. Are they allowed to do this?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armoured_farmer, Jan 12, 2013.

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  1. Question?

    Can the RMP Stop you from taking Cigs back to the UK?

    I watched as the RMP made sure that no one smuggled a few extra cigs/baccy back to the UK. Some even had to throw them in the bin. I'm not talking thousands here just the odd 200.
    If you go back the UK you have two choices, red or green channel, where you can declare the goods and pay a fee of IIRC @16.5% and £167.41 per thousand, which still makes them cheaper than current UK prices.
    However the RMP are not allowing you this option.
    Does anyone know where the lads legally stand?
  2. They are exceeding their authority. That's because they are coppers, and c*nts to boot. However, unless an officer is man enough to grip one of them, they'll keep on exceeding their authority, because they're c*nts.

    Amazing the difference between German and Brit police; Germans enforce laws to the letter and no more. British police (both Mil & civ) do whatever they feel they can get away with, and then wonder why everyone hates them. There was even a filth on one of those TV programs actually stole a pen-knife from the boot of a car he stopped and searched.
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  3. It depends on where you are coming back to the UK from. If it's OP Herrick then they are.
  4. What about the current HMRC ruling of "unlimited tobacco and alcohol if its for personal use" for Duty Free imported by UK subjects? Doesn't the Army have to follow normal UK Law, or is there a special legislation? Just asking.
  5. As long as you can reasonably show it is genuinely for personal use, then the HMRC can't stop you importing duty-paid tobacco. I remain to be convinced the RMP have any excess lawful authority in this area.
  6. What time does your career arrive old_nis?? When they do get them to check in your cupboard for the evil police who're after you!!
  7. Thats a mixture of 'duty free' and 'duty paid'

    Tax paid in the EU for personal use or as a gify with no reimbursement/expenses = 'unlimited' (Depending on if they believe you, and you aren't getting your whole years worth of smoking every week)

    From outside of the EU, then duty free allowances apply

    HM Revenue & Customs: Tax and duty on goods brought to the UK from the European Union

    HM Revenue & Customs: Tax and duty on goods brought to the UK from outside the European Union
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  8. Where are they doing this?
  9. No, he's right enough, I saw that as well. The lad they stopped was a bit of a gobby pain, so they searched his car just to show him, and found a Leatherman in the boot. The copper announced (wrongly) that this was a Prohibited Weapon, and gave the lad a choice of handing it over or being prosecuted. Then he trousered it.

    Abuse of position and outright theft.
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  10. Who got to rummage through the bin first, once the troops had departed? RMP was it, perchance?
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  11. I'm not going to bother going through the Law as you can read that for yourself on tinterweb or just trawl through the thousands of posts on ARRSE as this kind of question has been talked about loads of times.

    One question though, if the Copper stole his knife in front of the camera with millions of witnesses why didn't he complain and the copper get found guilty of theft?

    Shouldn't get in the way of a good dit thought should it!
  12. Op Plunder applies if you are flying back from Op Herrick or a military exercise in a foreign country.
  13. One of the posters on here, Marco Poloroid I think it was, a good bloke or any rate appears to be, once announced that he himself believed all locking-blade knives are prohibited in all circs, and would confiscate them even from an angler's kitbox. He got awfully upset when it was pointed out that was in effect theft, in the end he looked up the law and admitted his error.

    If coppers don't know the law they're enforcing, how will some youth know enough to put in a complaint. In any case, given his experience of the police, why would he think a complaint would even be acted on?
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  14. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    PF, you may be certain that every complaint against the police will be investigated and acted upon...............

    provided the actions show the senior (decision making) officer in a good light!
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  15. Not in all crics at all. Did he have lawful reason to posses that knife? (Remember i didn't actually see the program) if he was an angler then he had lawful reason but just to have it in your car isn't. The law uses the example "if he's a carpet layer" then that's reasonable but if he a carpet layer but its Saturday and he's not at work then it's not reasonable.

    Anyway you haven't answered my question. Why didn't he complain and the copper gets done for theft??

    P.s marco Poloroid's an Ass.