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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by monkey104, Oct 4, 2004.

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  1. Due to a shortage of barrack dress trousers RMP will soon be wearing the old lightweight trousers.. with black shoes??? I cannot think of anything more ridiculous. Whats wrong with No2 dress trousers.
    Looks like another no brainer from up on high!!!
  2. whats wrong with combat95?
  3. Well think yourselves lucky you could be wearing a big hairy monkey outfit with a big red ARRSE and black shoes!! 8O

    That would look ridiculous yet strangely fitting :D
  4. thats night shift dress to scare the crap out of sozzled squaddies
  5. Its always the same, some rupert twat, comes up with something shite and uncomfortable for us to wear, then tries to convince us that "it was trialled in another unit and this is what they prefered"
    The new gortex jacket? green on the inside? why?
    Belt kit? the best?
    Baton holder? or cheap mini maglight pouch?
    Stab vests? lets have 10 for the whole Coy to wear!
    The list goes on!!
    To top it all off lets wear OG lightweights and really shite shoes!!
    A really big well done to the RMP officers!!
    Tits on fish springs to mind!!
  6. Well spotted Doghead. Nice to see the Corps hasn't changed.
    Nice to see that 'Soldiers first, policemen second' bullshine still motivates our ruperts to do crap things that amount to neither policework or soldiering.
  7. ROTFLMAO...

    Lightweights with shoes, now if you want to look líke a prize prikc at a gaylords wedding, that´s the way to go forward....

    You´ll all be looking like 623 MSO Bielefeld - nix verstehn!
  8. The red beret will make you look a bigger t**t.
  9. Itchy.....Lightweights and black shoes...lol :p
  10. If this is all that you've got to worry about then I wouldn't mind swapping places. Why on earth should the inside of your jacket being green be an issue?
  11. The inside of it being green is the least of my worries, what i'm trying to say is what a waste of money! i'm sure for the money that was spent on the inside bit being green, which is pointless, they could have bought a few more sets of combat body armour etc....does that make sense now??
    Its about time the coneheads listened to the people they refer to as "pondlife" the people who actually use the kit on the ground should have the most input!!
  12. I am just about to start basic trainig for the RMP in May. I always thought the RMP had a lot of uniforms with No.2, Mess dress, 3 combat suits and the uniform they wear on patrol. Just seen that lightweights are coming back in. Well that has just taken the shine of my enlistment. Wore them when i was in the ACF and there is nothing shitier that the lightweights. Prefer CS95. At least it looks decent.
  13. Sounds like you'll be well suited for the RMP. Childish with irrelevent comparisons.
  14. If uniform is your reason for joining, you should think about the Guards/ Hairy hat and bright red jacket. Lovely looking boys. You might save yourself a lot of headache if you sit down with Teddy and discuss what makes you want to be a policeman.