RMP Dress Regulations

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Lumpy, Sep 25, 2007.

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  1. I'm looking for the current RMP Dress Regulations, but despite googling, cannot find a link at all.

    Does such a document exist in PDF format, or does someone have a link so I can download it?

    Would it also state exactly what accroutments can be worn with male SNCO's mess dress, or does that have to be run past the RSM....

    Many thanks

  2. Excuse me if I sound thick here but surely if you are ENTITLED to wear male SNCOs Mess Dress then you have access to RMP Dress Regs?

    Are you serving or not then? If you are, 'google' down to the RSMs office and stick your feet in his in-tray! If you are a newly selected Sgt, ask a friendly sweat or PM me. Out of curiosity, what 'odd' badge are you thinking of wearing then?
  3. CP Badge per chance?
  4. Nah, the flags of power. :)
  5. I saw an RMP in Mess Dress wearing a kilt the other night!
  6. A kilt??? Toooooo risky!!! 8O :p
  7. Sure it was a kilt? Anything goes these days and especially in my mess!

    Bound to be a CP badge he wants to know about and my thoughts, you pay for your Mess Dress........................................stick what the fcuk you want on it along as (a) you are qualified to do so and (b) it looks tidy.

    I would say that though aye heedthebaw?
  8. On the same line, without starting another thread can someone point me in the direction of AGC (SPS) dress regs?

    DII Link is fine.

    If not, can someone tell me a) how far the SPS "TRF" goes down the arm
    and B) stable belt; whats the rules in the agc? Where does the buckle and/or the adjusty bit go?

    Sorry for bone questions, no agc types where I am
  9. Go to ArmyNet

    On the Homepage click 'Units'

    Click 'Arms & Services'

    Click 'Adjutant General's Corps'

    Cick 'Dress Regulations'
  10. try wearing nothing as you do fcukall anyway.
  11. PRICK
  12. My understanding is that you can only wear the CP badge, if it is indeed what the author of the thread is asking for, can only be worn if you are in a Cat 1, or Cat 2 employment.

    Was in my day anyway.

    Wait for incoming.
  13. Yeah, but your 'crossed Lambert and Butler's' were just kicking the arrse out of it. And the embroidered 'rolly machine' on the wrist above your Crown was just showing off.
  14. Winner! Thanks. :D
  15. Thanks for the pointers...I'll look at Armynet first thing in the morning.

    (Its nothing as 'gucci' as a CP badge or crossed flags.....)