RMP deaths 2003

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Volunteer, Feb 12, 2010.

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  1. It seems the RMPs killed in Majar al-Kabir may have their attackers tried.

    I hope the families can get some closure on this.

    Rest in Peace, H-J, and your comrades.

  2. Should have done it the traditional way - immediate Brigade cordon and search, and shot down anyone who tried it on. I'm certain thats what the locals were expecting, and that they'd have handed over the guilty parties without a qualm. I think turning the other cheek set us up badly for the next few years...
  3. Still hardly a day goes by that I dont think about this, all of the 6 were good friends of mine, Russ Aston in particular was one of my best mates.

    Lets see what happens...
  4. Hmmm, not sure that would of helped the situation, although I know thats what the majority of lads felt needed to be done at the time.

    Hope they have the right fcukers, and that they end up on the end of a rope.
  5. I hope that none of the anti-British lawyer parasites intervene in this to defend any of the 8 who have been detained in Iraq.
  6. Dont hold your breath, probably be claiming legal aid as well, then push for compensation for some fictional grievances! :x
  7. *thinks: may now be a good time to open a book on The Peepul's Friend Cherie Booth QC jumping in with a pro bono offer to represent*
  8. Followed by asylum in the UK..................
  9. Sorry to dash peoples hopes, but expect the Iraqi justice system deliver on this? don't make me larrff.
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Don't worry - they'll hang/jail a few people for it if they want to. Whether those people have any relationship to the events of that day will be another matter entirely.
  11. Trust me, they don't
  12. Serious question Muzzleflash and please don't take this the wrong way - are you an authority on the present situation?
  13. Check PM's