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Hi all,

Just a couple of questions I was hoping someone out there may be able to answer...

I completed selection about a month ago and I'm still waiting for my date to go. I'm a little surprised about this as I thought I would find out almost straight away. I've contacted the careers office a few times to find out whats happening and all they've been able to tell me is that I'll have to wait. Has anyone got any idea how long after selection you have to wait to get a date? Or what the shortist notice is I'll be given?

Also, I was originally told I would complete basic training at Winchester and go on to do phase 2 at Chichester. I've since been told that females now do basic training at Pirbright instead and that Chichester has closed and all RMP now go to Portsmouth for phase 2. Can anyone clarify if this is correct?

Thanks in advance for any help.
Try using the search facility for information about training in the RMP. As for dates and times "how long is a piece of string?" All depends on when a place is availble at an ATR.


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Chichester has closed and all service police do their special to arm in Fareham at Southwick Park (v near Pompey). I'm not sure about the phase 1.

Good luck



Was at ATR Winchester 2 weeks ago (on a insight course) we were told that all female recruits train at Pirbright now because of something to do with injuries when training in mixed sex platoons, dont take my word for it but thats what we were told!



I think the general rule is you have to wait until there are enough potential RMP bods ready to start phase 1 to make up a phase 2 platoon so to avoid hanging around after phase 1. Supply and demand also play a part so the only accurate answer you're likely to get is "dunno". RMP moved from Chichester quite a while ago now maybe your recruiter needs to go on a refresher. I know they are not having mixed sex phase 1 platoons anymore but why it would be at a different location sounds like army logic, although I'm sure there is a good reason for it :roll:


I'm going on 25 Feb 08 and as far as the ACIO were concerned it was still Winchester and they would let me know if it changed. So I'm still not really 100% sure where I'm going......

At least I've got a date though!

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