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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Emkay, Feb 28, 2008.

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  1. I have heard rumors that this is now open to the RMP(V), can anyone confirm this?

    If the answer to the above is yes what would be the career prospects for a TA soldier who completes the course? I have been told that CP is in such high demand and short supply that any such person could expect almost indefinite FTRS if they so desired. Is this true?

    Final question - do CP teams get paid more then the 'normal' pay for their rank?
  2. Emkay, I don't believe they do get paid extra, that would be some sort of specialist pay which would then mean that all specialists in RMP, and indeed the Army, could expect the same! Other specialisations could include CSI's, Analysts, Crime Prevention (?), Radio Operators, Advanced Drivers, Covert Ops, etc etc.

    They do get paid extra if on a 'black' tour with the FCO, when they receive payment from both the Army and the FCO (roughly the same amount) so in effect they double up their wage for the tour.
  3. WTD,

    Slightly incorrect - On 'Black Ops' CP Operatives no longer a handout from the FCO. It is in fact SS LOA (another form of LOA relevant to the theatre in which you operate).

    It is camparible to the cost of living when purchasing 'Western foodstuffs' and the like (e.g. To purchase in tin of Heinz Baked Beans in Kabul during early deployments would see you off for about $5.00 US). Given the option of paying that price or eating the dead/rotting excuse for a cow from a roadside drain (read Afghan Butcher's shop) you can see why the rate is sometimes very high!!

    Therefore this additional pay now appears on the soldier/officer's pay statement as SS LOA. Clearly on 'Green Ops' you get jack-sh1t other than LSSA & the Op Tour Tax Bonus - same as the rest of the Army. (Oh, and if you are 'pad' in Germany/other - you keep your LOA for that theatre too)!

    Regardless, dependant on where you are deployed it is a bucket-load cash though sometimes!

    Emkay - hope that helps and yes I do know of members of the TA who are deployed on CP Ops (currently) and if you are from 116 Pro Coy (V) then so do you (BUT if you do know that individual, you will also know his background as a Regular soldier)!

    Good luck.
  4. Sunray, fair one and thanks for correcting me. Not being one of the organic sandbag types I was unaware that things had changed. :oops:
  5. Also remember if you want to use the CP training as a civvy you will need to have the SIA ticket which takes forever to sort out.
    The training is the easy bit, a close friend has being waiting 12 weeks and so far nothing,He cant work in the UK without one.
    Control Risk where doing some of the FCO work last time i heard. stand to be corrected on that one.
    Good luck with your quest
  6. He is CP trained but he isnt doing CP at the minute and there are actually two of them.

    From what I have heard, only rumours, is that it is going to be a case of being mobilised for 13 months with the course and PDT taking up the firxt 3-4 months or so.
  7. Not quite, those who are *lucky/unlucky (*delete as you see fit) to deploy immediately on completion of the course can expect to be out of the 'mainstream' GPD loop for about 10.5-11 months).
  8. Am i right in thinking then that unless you've passed longmoor in the regs, you can't be deployed on CP whilst serving in the T.A?

    Regarding CRG, I believe that they do have some contracts with FCO. Despite all the controversy surrounding them at the moment, I still think they are good outfit to get started with. If you're interested in convoy work they do a good hostil environement course which is tailored to that end of the market.
  9. Not sure if it was a change of heart or policy by CPU or if it was a case they were the only one that the Rohans fitted, but there was a member of the RMP TA in the north who completed the course and deployed about 2/3 years ago. They were never a regular soldier but were very competent at ops on the occasions that I worked with them.
  10. I know of few T.A guys (not rmp), who have done a cp course through the army and gone on to use it to gain civvy employment. Of course the only disadvantage is that the soldier may choose to bugger off out of the uk for six weeks out of every nine, leaving them effectively a man down.
  11. Not you don't... There has never been a non-Service Police person on a geniune CP course, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

    (Of course, they might have done the Protective Mobile Skills Course and Walted it up a bit. I've met a few of them!)
  12. if it is still like when I was in the following did CP course.
    RM police
    RAF police
    Foreign students paid for by their governments.

    Word of warning I am now an engineer (civy) and as such know a few guys in specialist TA units (Eng skills - structures, mechanical building services etc). They get frickin hammered with tours and are now really getting sick and tired (remember these guys did not get specialist skills from Army.

    Do the course expect to be used - A lot!!

    Further word of warning: CP tours are fun to do once or twice but are VERY boring. Repeated tours and pigeon holing will not impress you!

    If you are bright and disciplined enough for this training (as with most Army tech skills/trades) you are easily capable of turning your hands and mind to much more productive (and lucrative) pastimes than representing this self serving shambles of a government who would (sorry have) sold you and your families down the crapper in search of:
    1. Votes
    2. More personal gain
    3. Benefits for crims, imigrants, lazy arrsed kids single mums, et al

    Honestly you guys have the utmost respect from me, but I think you are bordering on bonkers at volunteering to protect officils of this government hell bent on treachery to our armed forces and destruction of the British country (I for one still think) we are so lucky to live in.

  13. TA RMP on CP now???? I didn't think so, TA RMP on tour now aren't on a CP tour. If you're on about the ex Regular on tour now, he is CP trained yeah and MTG knows for definate who I mean, but he's technically on a GPD tour. I think there's a few too many people shouting TA RMP at the minute who know very little. As for RMP TA the first two TA guys to go on the course are due to start very soon. Good luck to them, but knowing them I don't think they'll have any problems :)
  14. ...............and the point of your post was what 'barbie'?

    Should the 2x TA soldiers who are about to start the CP course pass it - they WILL be deployed! You can trust me on that. We are not about spending an absolute fortune on training individuals to purely better their prospect of getting a 'gucci', well paid job on the circuit.

    We train individuals for good reason - to meet demand and I hope those two know that! Oh and if they do pass/deploy, they can expect to wear some sandy coloured/army type stuff too!

    Good luck to both though.