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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by HighPressureHose, Jul 30, 2005.

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  1. Hello,
    Quick question, can other arms earn themselves a place on the CP course?
    Many thanks.
  2. Not during my time. Might have been a RM Copper but not other arms. You could try and transfer!
  3. There's an option for RLC Staff Drivers to do something along those lines I thought?
  4. The Staff Divers Course is a driving course, not a CP course. As a matter of interest (well for me anyway) the last driving course I undertook (last year) was called "Driver Training for Witness Protection". It was run by the Bundeskriminalamt. Althought the skills were highly revelent in the CP world, it is a driving course, including both defensive and offensive use of the vehicle - great fun with loads of practical exercises at high speed on and off the public roads in Germany.
  5. What happened to the RMP(G) Driving School ?
  6. No idea if the RMP(G) Driving School is still there. I left the RMP about 11 years ago. In my current job, we try to do a refresher course each year (when funds allow i.e. not very often). So far we have used both the BKA in Germany and the Koninklijke Marechaussee in The Netherlands. For us it really depends on what sort of deal we can get out of them. With the Dutch we got it for free as a one off, with the Germans we only had to pay for fuel as we joined in a regularly scheduled course for their own people.
  7. I was asked by one of my lads in the platoon whether they could get on a CP course. G3 Clerk spoke to CP course chief and it was a big no. Only RMP can attend.
  8. I have never heard of anyone outside of RMP attending from the Army. I do believe that in the past some RM Police have done it and possibly 1 matelot. I do know an ex-Rock Ape who claims to have done it, but he does not know where L.... House is.

    Not something I ever fancied myself.
  9. Why would anyone want to sit around outside locked doors anyway, I ve seen the AAC doing it and they must be on better pay?
  10. Pleanty of RCT\RLC have attended. the old staff car units, 20 Sqn RCT, 14 Sqn RCT, 68 Sqn RCT (and RLC) were all loaded with guys who had attended the course. These units provided the drivers for the Corps commander, CinC BAOR, MGRA and many, many other big knobs. A simple staff car course does not cover the required skills here. An old friend of mine was driving CinC Land several years ago and he'd done the course many years prevoisly.
  11. In addition to the Staff Car Driver courses, as run by the Defence School of Transport, the RMP also run a specialist driving course for those personnel (normally RLC) who drive the really big wigs. It is entirely separate from the RMP CP course, but the training involves understanding the driver's role within a "CP Team". Anyone who tells you they have done the RMP CP course (that is not RMP) is either:

    A) Confusing the issue between the CP course and the Driving course; or
    B) A complete WALT!

  12. I am going back a number of years here (17). They definately did the CP course of that I'm pretty sure.
  13. RM police tp,based at Stonehouse,Plymouth,certainly had men on CP courses,16-18 years ago_One of their tasks was Beruit(embassy)
  14. Gotta agree I have worked with the RMP CP Team (G) and never heard of any but RMP attending. I also worked earlier in my career with a Maj M (LE offr who later became parly paralysed after a stroke - pity he was a good bloke) who had, as a WO1, been one of the Instrs for those staff car drivers who were earmarked to drive the VIPs. During various conversations with him he never once stated that this training was CP merely advanced driver training techniques. Obviously there are some things taught which RMP CP cses also teach but that doesn't make it the same.
  15. The trg unit do not like others attending but if there is a pressing need for someone to do it you can circumvent the OC and get people on the course. Had to do that once for someone. The trainers were not happy but were told to put up and shut up. Thing is it is a pension club for the RMP. They do not want others to get the same qual.