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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by titan, Jan 10, 2012.

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  1. Hi all I'm currently joining 243 RMP(V) and have heard of T.A being loaded onto the 8 week reg army cp course. My questions are,

    1. How difficult is the fitness? i.e closer to basic army standards or would i need to be para fit or somewhere inbetween?
    2. How long would I need to be doing general duties before I could apply? (I don't mind doing GPD for a few years if that is required.)
  2. Need to be Para fit and more, no idea on the other but wouldnt have thought you would be doing it, if at all as you are just joining up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Of course you do! They are after all part of the big four.....
  4. Titan, why don't you pop into 173 Pro Coy and speak to a couple of the CP wallers in the Station. There's a 'train in' ethos at CPU and provided you can pass the basic military standards required (i.e PFA) and can shoot relatively straight, then the course is wholly passable.

    RMP LCpl's, as a trial and to fill under-subscribed intakes, have been loaded onto the course straight from phase 2 training in the past, so there's no real 'bedding in' time before you can apply.
  5. Would do but joining 243 in N.I so can't really rock upto 173 any time soon. Cheers for the advice though mate.
  6. They're both on the same Barracks, about 5 min walk between the two, ask your PSI or the guy on the gate for directions!

    Edited to add: Ask your PSI if its the bloke I think it is he's done the course and a few tours to boot.
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  7. Apparently if you havnt passed hills phase of selection dont bother trying mate :)
  8. Roger. Before he slips off to Cyprus.

  9. Got a new PSI he a Cpl only stated about 2 weeks ago so he's still just getting used to his new role himself I think.
  10. Does anyone know how long phase two training with the T.A RMP takes for GDP? Because I'll finish my two weeks phase one in the Summer here and just wondering how long it will take to get fully trained. Thanks
  11. As per Rabids post, LCpl out of the school are getting loaded onto it fairly rapidly, CP is needed for Op Olympics so your chances are pretty good, as long as you are fairly fit and can pass your PFT or CFT you should be ok.

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  12. Bullshit. So long as you don't have trouble passing the basic Army fitness tests, it shouldn't be a problem.
  13. What component of the CP course does advanced driving skills include. please?
  14. Standards have dropped then
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