Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by vm_in_a_rs_world, Apr 29, 2006.

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  1. please this is not a waah but a serious question. as an other arm ie non RMP is it possible to get loaded on a cp course and if successful on said course, do a cp tour.

    if not possible through system then based on your knowledge of cp who are the cowboy firms to avoid and who offers good all round course with employment prospects to follow

    I AM NOT A WALT , just bored with current corps and looking for other options available would prefer to stay wearing green but may have to look elsewhere, and before the answer comes back try selection, i am over the age limit or else i would.

    SERIOUS REPLIES PLEASE all advice taken wether it is the answer i want to hear or as case may be not.

  2. Bored of our Corps....how dare you!! lol
    Have a look at enhancedlearningcredits.co.uk for a list of courses and providers for CP, it appears as if this is the flavour of the month at the mo.
    Not sure if you can get the grand ELC to part pay for the courses though as dunno if they're level 3, would suggest winging the course providers an email and ask them.
    How about getting hold of DCI 1 (the thick book of ALL army courses) and calling the unit that does the CP training and asking?
  3. Sorry, you can't do the RMP CP course unless you're RMP (or RAF police or RM police troop (very rare)).

    However, you could do a Protective Mobile Skills (PMS) course. This is All Arms, 2 weeks long. Then you could deploy as a driver within a CP team. You are only likely to get this if it is considered vital for your present job; eg: you are the CO's / Bde Comd's / General's driver, and they are getting sent somewhere hot and sandy!!
  4. Agree with Micky.............nope, nada, nein, not a chance......sorry.
  5. Given the ritualistic condemnation and abuse of anything here that even hints at a RMP connection, why is it that we see such frequent requests for non-Provost types for information on how to associate with The Corps?
  6. Because its one of the last interesting jobs in the Army my friend.
  7. Way way way back, special plain-clothes escort duties were undertaken by SIB. I did a few and found that the novelty very soon wore off. Even the travel with blokes like Eden palled at 3 am in the morning on cold airstrips in remote parts of USA. I think the attraction lies in the chance that one will get some real action. I cannot think that the opportunity for that is limited to RMP.
  8. There is a thread on Euro CP Trg here

  9. there are a few companies to steer well clear of. the main reason for this, is money... i.e. they get a hefty fee from their client for your service, of which you only see a small fraction of the gross fee in the first place. Its all about what you deem to be of most importance. i.e. your safety, the support to you and your team, your equipment, the insurance and pay package, the rotation currently in place. you have to weigh these things up to try and find the best package which suits you the best. Good Luck. The most important thing I think, is that "You have got to be alive to spend it!!"
  10. I've seen that footage before, and although there is a Brit in the team, I was under the impression it was one of the bigger US companies. The video is longer than what is shown on that link, it goes on to show the Brit barking out orders to his spam colleagues who are at 6's & 7's!!
  11. Have you got a link to the longer film mate?