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Good afternoon - i posted the below in the "life in the RMP" thread - but not sure if i was replying to a certain set of people, so my apologies if i did not need a new thread here, but i was not sure. Thankyou.

"Good afternoon,

Not sure if this is still being monitored but worth a shot,

I currently have an apllication in to sign up as a Military Police Soldier - ideally i would like to progress into close protection.

I was wondering if anybody is currently working with the close protection unit and could shed some light on what day to day life is like within this unit?

I am 24 years old and all going well i should be in the March (2013) intake.. (had to wait for a 203 request to come back)

Thank you in advance."
CPU has a cadre of permanent staff - a HQ element and a number of instructors. However the majority of CP trained people are working in an RMP Company doing police work when they are not actually on tour.

Join the RMP on its own merits, not just because you want to do CP.
Thanks for the Reply,

dont get me wrong, ive had my heart set on RMP way before CP, CP has been brought to my attention in the last couple of months, and is something i would be interested in moving into.

Thanks for the info.
Have you passed ADSC yet? March intake only has 15 spots so unless you're already on the waiting list then the chances aren't great, I'm currently on the waiting list for RMP also.

Good luck.
Hi Sparky,

No Not yet - i have had to wait for my 203 to come back - He has made me aware of the 15 available spaces for march but seems to think there should be no reason at all i won't make March intake (Assuming i get an A) - Well done for Passing ADSC - best of luck - and with a bit of luck i may see you in March :)
OP, PM me for more info mate
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