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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by evo4436, Oct 26, 2012.

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  1. Hi all,

    Aged 16 I wanted to join the Army, to which the old dear goes "get some education behind you, you'll change your mind, you're to young" and so on. 7 years later, I've wasted years in Sixth Form and Uni and still want to join the Army.

    Never in a million years would I have been interested in joining RMP a few years back - young hatred for Civvi police would have seen to that in the estate I live. However I've recently been interested in this role and have have down to the AFCO to discuss so more, but I forgot to ask whether a police caution would stop myself from joining? I'm going back on Monday with a 2nd and 3rd preferred role choice (AFCO officer badgered me into looking at other options that needed higher grades than RMP) so can always ask that question then, but I was just wondered if anyone else had information regarding this?

    The caution I received was in May of this year; celebrating my graduation, a fella decides to whack my younger sister... which was followed by giving the coward a pasting... which in turn led to being arrested and given a caution.
  2. I will agree that I was foolish, but I had never been in trouble with the Police before, the CCTV looked horrendous on my part and they said it would go to court otherwise. Thus I thought I was getting off lightly.
  3. I'd suggest you contact the AFCO again and query the matter with them. Also, on applying, theres a little form that explains the 'rehabilitation periods' for types of conviction or charge etc. The careers office will give you the facts. Have a few other army jobs in mind for the possibility it will disqualify you but dont get disheartened until the ACIO people have told you either way :)

    Has to be said, anybody hurt my sister I'd do no less.
  4. Did you not get a lawyer?
  5. Almost but not quite

    From https://www.gov.uk/caution-warning-penalty

    To the OP your best bet is to go to the ACIO and speak to a recruiter.
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  6. Dunno. But do know that a caution stays on record 5 years. Or is meant to anyway. Not that that matters because you still have to declare it as armed forces are an excepted profession. Best guess it'll hold you back a few years at worst.

    Ask the AFCO.
  7. Cheers Grim_ Squeaker, appreciate the reply.

    Nobby - No, to but it bluntly I was a fool. However, with that said, anyone who seen the CCTV would have agreed that a caution should of been snapped up. The Officer in charge was a decent sort (shock), said he would have done the same had it been his sister but that I went too far in the pasting of this coward and I really should be looking at a few Court dates and it was only because of the way I conducted myself and apologised that they could see I wasn't your usual trouble maker.

    Foolish, I know but nothing will change that now.
  8. Cheers lads, appreciate the replies. Like I said in my initial post, I'm visiting again next week so will bring it to attention and see what they say.
  9. A caution actually stays on your record for 99 years actually.

    Also, a caution is considered spent as soon as it is administered therefore in accordance with the Rehab of Offenders act you do not have to declare it.

    However there are certain exceptions regarding trades (nurse for example) , the RMP may well be one of them for sensible reasons. I would make discreet enquiries with the RMP recruiting branch rather than your AFCO who may not need to know.
  10. Actually actually, how annoying. DII won't let me edit that either.

    Just to prove I'm not talking out of my arrse (I've got a copy of MOD493 in front of me) look at page 3 of the Rehab of offenders act. http://www.justice.gov.uk/downloads/offenders/rehabilitation/rehabilitation-offenders.pdf

    Spent immediately.

    You will in all likeliness need to fill in SC questionaire (online actually these days) at some point at which point you should be truthful at all costs.
  11. Originally Posted by Pigshyt_Freeman
    You weren't 'given' a caution, you chose (foolishly) to accept one. To accept a caution is to plead guilty to a crime, so you are, in the eyes of the law, a convicted criminal with all that then ensues.

    Would you have advised the lad to not accept the caution and instead go to court and be convicted of an assault offence with all that entails.

    He admits that he did it and that he was seen on CCTV doing it. Sounds like he did the right thing.
  12. Fair one. It was a CPS barrister who told me they only stay on record for 5 years. I'll tell her shes talking shite next time I see her. There also definitely used to be a paragraph in the orange security form stating that the armed forces are exempt from the rehabilitation of offenders act and as such convictions (including cautions) are never spent and must be declared.

    I think the online form I filled out 6 months ago for renewal of my security clearance (civvy employer but MOD form) said the same thing.

    However as its 1745, I'm hungry, posting from my phone and it makes **** all odds to me I can't be arsed checking so concede on all points.
  13. And therein lies your basic mistake, phhhhhttt, CPS, lowest level of legal advice available.... wasn't it them who said 'Not enough evidence' against paedo Jimmy Sav ????
  14. You must disclose the caution, as non-disclosure would be a no-no; might depend on the offence. A solicitor may well have advised accepting caution, what with it all being on CCTV; early guilty plea merits a 1 third reduction in sentence anyway but accepting caution keeps it out of court and validates PC using their discretion by acknowledging your demeanour immediately after i.e. not an habitual thug.

  15. ....if finding a decent copper is something out of the ordinary to you, it kind of begs the question as to what attracts you to policing and what sort of copper you are going to become....