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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by whocares, Jan 24, 2007.

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  1. Ah that time of year is on us again when the mind will boggle at certain names appearing on the SSgt to WO2 board results that is currently sitting (RMP)! What with the WO2 to WO1 results raising an eyebrow or twa in Dec, it could bode well for interesting reading!

    Always good to walk around the unit and watch certain Staffy's sweating and get more and more short tempered as the time approaches, and then of course if they don't come off the board, standby cos everyone on that list suddenly becomes a 'Fcuking waste of space' and 'I remember when he/she......' Then there are those that have to have their say with the OC on one of those close door sessions, cos they really do change the results don't they!

    Come, who out there has Staffy's in their units, pacing the corridors, booked leave so they don't have to face anyone or have just become right pains in the frigging ass this week?

    Maybe a god windup would make the suffering worth while :numberone:
  2. 'Maybe a god windup would make the suffering worth while'

    Well, for some it does actually become a nigh on religious experience, so his involvement may help.
  3. Duh! Ok that will teach me to proof read my post next time

    Yes agreed a God wind up would be good, but even just a good wind up would suffice. :frustrated:
  4. Ahh, prehaps thats why they have got everyone running round like dicks for the past few days. Think it may be a bit late in the day for cramming.
  5. So then anyone heard? Who are the latest glorious (B) Leaders in the RMP then, the newest batch to be preselected for the Warrant Officer badge?
  6. Whats a warrant officer badge?
  7. It's Army speak for a Blue Peter badge.
  8. As a young LCpl your worst nightmare :rage:
  9. To certain young ladies, simply a scalp.
  10. My Bold. Yep, we have 2 from 4 on leave, who think they stand a chance!

    I prefer to face the music and dance!
  11. People who seek promotion are not worthy of it. Give it to someone who deserves it instead.
  12. You're not in RMP are you?
  13. in the right club promotion seeks you
  14. making good men better!.....or should that be 'more exploitable'.
  15. you look so good in blue