RMP blue light training assistance required

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by nik_kershaw, Mar 16, 2008.

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  1. I am currently at an EOD unit which we get a week 'Blue Light' traing on the Wedgewood trucks, however there are some Pan Euro motorcycles in the unit which have blue lights. There isn't a blue light course for the bikes as far as I have seen, but as the RMP's have Pan Euro's is there a blue light training course? I have done the Pan Conversion course so it's on my FMT with an RMP but there was no blue light eliment to it. I know for our command car drivers, we have to go away with civil police and have the course done with them but this costs money. My unit don't want to pay for one or two people a year to do the same on the bikes. A blue light course would be helpful as riding bikes is more dangerous than driving a car and so any form of safty riding would help
  2. yeah but you never have to use the blue lights on the bikes in anger, just for escorting parades and the like.
  3. Lancs Police used to be the training provider for this type of training a few years ago. Not sure what the current position is, but it's probably still outsourced to a Home Office force of some sort.
  4. Yes, Nik, it costs money. And do you know why you won't get the course?

    Because you don't need it!

    Yes, you need to be blue light trained on the Command Car - you may need to drive the OC somewhere in a hurry. Yes, you need to drive the Dafs on blue lights. But all you'll ever do with the bikes is drive them very slowly, escorting a parade, and there's no way the Regt will stump up cash for you to do a police bike course for that. As Batfink said:

    Nice try though! :D
  5. Have you not thought about getting yourself down to T Det mate down in RAF Northolt ? They used to do bikes.....
  6. There is the posibility of using the bikes in high speed runs with police escort but I am not wanting to discuss this on here. The question is: Is there a RMP Blue light course on motorcycles?
  7. No... and there is no chance of you ever doing a blue light run on a motorcycle in 11 EOD Regt RLC.
  8. I think there might be.
  9. I've never heard of a "Blue-Light" Walt before :omfg:
  10. How?

    You cannot carry ammunition on a motorcycle, it is against the regulations.

    A motorcycle only seats one (or maybe two), but either way there is no room in the panniers for any useful support kit.

    The only useful application of using a motorcycle in an EOD scenario would be as a first responder to provide advice and the same effect can be achieved instantly over a tele-conferencing system or telephone.

    ... but you know best, enjoy your blue light run.
  11. Nice try at blagging a blue light course (can`t blame you), but give up now before you embarress yourself.

    Do you not think it has been tried before and fucked off at the high port?
  12. nik are you with EOD at the moment, because some of your posts are scarying me.

    It's not all about bragging to mates and chicks that you can flick on blus and 2s!!!!

    PS I can!!!

    Have you ever thought about spending your ILC or ELC on the IAM proficiency course? There is one for bikes and one for cars. That would really help you in your job and in normal life.

    They look the b0ll0x either side of picture of me in my total right off car crash!!!!! :p
  13. Hi.

    There is no blue light course as such. What tends to happen is that those who like all things on two wheels rather than 4, get to do the blue light courses whilst serving in Germany. These courses are usually done on an ad hoc basis, with funds provided by the local brigade/garrison or RMP regiment, or a combination of all three.

    It's usually the case that one or two of the lucky few are trained by the old bill, to get their instructors ticket. These individuals then cascade the training in theatre, again usually in Germany. They then take these skills with them when posted to other theatres.

    My best advice is speak to the TWO of the the local RMP unit or Regiment to see whether or not they can help you out. Unfortunately, RMP do not do the amount of blue light training that they used to do. Again its down to budgets. Instead RMP have chosen to limit driver training and limit the use of blue lights to the extent (In my experience anyway), that some of the lads and lasses were scared of using them whilst moving and tend to only illuminate the lights when stationary to warn other road users of a 'hazard'.

    In essence, RMP only tend to use priorities to escort slow moving parades/convoys, and rarely use them in anger anymore.

    Good luck with your plight.
  14. Notty Ash, its not a case of blokes being scared its a grown ups policy that they are not used be to respond to jobs, just for tank moves and at the scene of traffic incidents to warn other motorists. In some ways a good thing as some depot drivers cant drive at the speed limit let alone above it, but on the flip side if i was a wifey gettibg filled in i would like the two 20 year old lance jacks coming to my rescue to get there PDQ.
  15. Was not knocking anyone, the policy like all things is flexible, common sense should always prevail. Some guys however, were reluctant to use blues and two's, to the extent that a patrol following a bfg drunk driver at speed at night, on an autobahn did so with no priorities on. When the GCP turned up they filmed the 'chase' and passed the video footage to the local provost company, accompanied with a snotty complaint.