Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Vigilo, Feb 13, 2006.

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  1. Anyone who was serving with 2 Regt RMP (246 or 247 Pro Coys) when the Berlin Wall came down in Nov 89, is invited to join the RMP Wallbusters Yahoo Group. The Group is moderated by Mark Nicholls, now MPS, and it is intended that the group is used to re-introduce old colleagues through online chat and some informal gatherings, prior to holding a formal reunion in Berlin in Nov 09.
    To join the group click on the link below or go to the Yahoo home page, click on groups and then search under 'rmpwallbusters' (one word).

    Please pass details of this group to anyone you know that served with 2 Regt RMP in Nov 89.


    Arthur D (you know who I am)

  2. Terry Winn! We all remember him! Terry F@ck Wit!
  3. Was he ex Vet Corps?
  4. No just RMP
  5. I'm sure that he VT'd in from the Vet Corps. Did he serve in Detmold for a while?
  6. Negatory! DE into the RMP, now serving as a prison officer at the Scrubs
  7. Don`t bother going..

    Beat yourself up and save `em a job...
  8. Sorry, I'm think of Phil Wynn. Complete divvy who transferred in from the Vets.
  9. I can see your mistake, Terry looks like he'd had his hands up a horses arrse most of his life :D
  10. Hi Arthur Paul Chenier here. Just attempted to join the yahoo group.

    Regards to any of the guys who remember me.

    Ps Mark N you still owe me for that night in monchers !!!!!!!!

    Now working for the FCO in Kazakhstan. Left as a CSM asked to stay on and become RSM but told them 22 yrs is enough for any one.

    Speak Soon Paul
  11. Terry (f@ckwit) Winn, now there was a walt. Still remember when he submitted his application to do selection ('cos they can't turn it down') despite the fact he couldn't pass his BFT!! Sh1t himself when the CSM agreed!!

    Another classic was when he fell off his chair in the Police station at Hohne pinning Dick Campbell up against the wall, who thought Terry was going to shoot him as they were having an argument at the time. LOL. What an absolute loon!

    He also blew his months wages in a weekend of shagging (whores) after being told he was off to the Gulf to the extent his dick was that sore he required surgery to pull his fore skin back!! He was also 'engaged' to a Tom from a whorehouse in the french sector and his whole shift did her over a weekend, can't remember the name of the bar but recall it had a bulldog as the emblem. Any ideas?

    To confirm Terry was ex old bill, he got the boot from them after marching a prisioner (shop lifter) 3 mile to the nick cos no one would have anything to do with him. Life didn't change when he joined the RMP. How he has not been killed in the scrubs I will never know.
  12. Duty_Fed we were obviously at 111 same time as I remember all those points also!

    The civ pol told him to go away and come back when a little mature funny old thing! The time when he arrested a prisoner and called for a car to pick him up and no one from the nick would collect him so he sat there for a few hours with a prisoner, the prisoners Mum and they had tea and cake to pass the time, or the time when he was mugged (on civpol duty) handcuffed with his own cuffs and beaten to shit@ ? Ah the memoirs of Terrence Trent Winn!

    I recall Staaaff Campbell and the time Terrys chair fell back from the desk and into the ord sgts desk pinning Dicky boy to the wall, following that Terry was heard saying in the Ch Clks office he would shoot Dick given half the chance and was subsequently removed from shift. Or the time when he went for a dump and his police notebook fell into the pan BEFORE' he started his 'work', afterwards he picked it out and dried it on the radiator. one of the senior screws managed to convince the CSM to do a notebook check!

    I also remember the time when he had a soldier walk all the way from the main cross roads in Hohne to Canada gate picking up litter whilst he followed behind in the police car cos the lad dropped a crisp packet!

    Staff campbell, Mmm another charachter, when he crashed his car whilst on his way to see his ITT lady friend at Ostenholz and tried to explain it away to his wife saying it was a duty journey, in his own car Mmm!

    Ah the memories of 111th !! Dave Gadsby, Mark Sandiford, Dave Smith, Billy Shaw the list of legends and nightmares goes on.......
  13. There were more nightmares in that place than legends that for sure
  14. hi guys,
    I was not in the RMP Berlin but I was in the French gendarmerie Berlin in 1989 and I remember that one day I worked with you. It was a mixed patrol but I don't remember the name of the RMP who was with us. The only thing I remember is its big snake he had.
    It was a sympathic day and I just want to thank you all!

    just one question: do british troops, that served in Berlin or in Germany, have received an official medal?

    best regards
  15. We did not get any recognition for our service in Berlin, which is true for most of the Army. I was on duty the night the wall came down. The Americans got another medal(no surprise there), the French a citation and we got a bollocking. Ah service days!
    He got rid of the snake by the way as it was getting too aggressive!