RMP @ Batus Canada

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Emkay, Oct 22, 2008.

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  1. Hoping to get information on Batus Canada from a RMP point of view.

    Looks like an interesting posting, can anyone give me a heads-up on it?

    Is there much to do or is it endless hours sitting in the police station?

    Been told it can get quite tasty at weekends when everyone gets back from exercise and hits the pubs.
  2. if there's a big exercise on, you'll probably get some monkies from the pro coy to help you out. you're TA though, aren't you? i think it's manned by a WO2 and a staffie... so unless you're planning on getting promoted really quickly, it's not something you'll have to worry about as a posting for a couple of years yet.
  3. Would some please enlighten me regarding Batus Canada. Is this the one and only place that the army goes to in Canada? I only ask as my son has told me he is going to Canada for four months next year. I have found it on the web but would appreciate a pm or reply from anyone who has been there as to whether it is a good posting or otherwise.

    That maybe sound a tad silly as he is returning from Germany to Catterick very soon and I would have thought Canada over Catterick must be the hands down winner. Cheers in advance for info
  4. As far as I know the Army still have non-armoured unit training taking place at Wainwright, also in Alberta, with a British Army Training Support Unit stationed the to run and administer the troops coming through. Suffield is the bigger of the 2, both in size of the training area and in the numbers of support staff.

    Speaking from personal experience on the safety staff I found it a cracking posting. Hard but rewarding work on the prairie, and with excellent potential on the breaks in between to explore Calgary, the Rockies and Vancouver. Some of the more adventurous staff managed to get as far as Hawaii.

    Edited to add:

    Decent link for info here-
    In-service Training locations
  5. Apparently they are looking to take a few junior NCOs on FTRS; the dates they are offering would fit in well with some time off I have in civvy street.

    It is something I am considering applying for. Just trying to get more info on what sort of stuff I would be likely to get up to.
  6. Wainwright has closed!
  7. Show's how out of touch I now am. In my defence so is the MOD on that website, but there's a surprise!

    Back to the subject of RMP - I do recall that some would get sent out at the same time as the battlegroup to assist the permanent staff. I had one on the back of the same RedTop as me for a day (not in that sense sadly - she was quite cute iirc). I have to admit I was impressed by her volunteering to be be sprayed in the face with the Canadian police's pepper spray to see what it was like.
  8. I'm trying to jam myself a posting out there, even if its only over the BG period.
  9. Wishful thinking, you ain't going anywhere.
  10. Did over 2 years there, it was excellent, best posting so far. TS posts are even fewer than they used to be unless you get dicked to do a MEDMAN. Even that is worth it for the R&R or AT afterwards though
  11. I'll try anywhere!