RMP bailing out to Australia

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Biscuits_AB, Oct 14, 2006.

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  1. Anybody comment on how many are going through the process just now.
  2. There are a few Biscuits, I myself looked into it a while ago and may still do when I leave the mob. A number of SIB have taken the decision to go. The ADF are keen to recruit SIB trained personnel but dont have so many vacancies for GPD though.

    A couple of those leaving are officers, one of which is a cracking bloke (LE) and will be sorely missed.
  3. Which one? (PM me)
  4. I was offered a post with the RNZMP a few years ago. They were willing to take me in directly as a Cpl, and evan told me the platoon I was to join. The thing that stopped it for me was the the low pay compared to what I earn now.

    The NZ Army was very quick in telling me they wanted me etc, but once I got back to Europe the NZ High Commission appeared to be very slow, despite by already being an NZ citizen, and in the end I decided against it.

    However, if anyone is interested take a look at their web site. When I last looked they had a page specifically dealing with foreigners wanting to join them.
  5. But don't forget that in comparison to the UK, the cost of living is peanuts relatively speaking!

    It's a place I'm very very tempted to feck off to when I go outside eventually.
  6. Agreed but I am no longer serving and earn a lot more where I am now then an NZ Army Cpl.

    Basically it works out for me that I can always aford to visit NZ for a holiday. If I was in their Army I would be able to aford the reverse.
  7. Believe me the cost of living here in NZ is HIGH. It's OK when you come here with GBpounds and get NZ$3 to the quid, but living here on the local economy is not as easy as you may think.
  8. That is what I predicated my final decision not to go on.
  9. Correct me if I am wrong but the NZ Army do not offer the attractive 'get you in package' like the ADF do, in that the ADF will pay for you and your kin together with your belongings to get transported over and will help you get immediate residency followed by citizenship after 2 yrs (senior ranks and above only for some reason I believe). I am sure that at the time of applying I was made aware that with the NZ Army this was not the case.
  10. According to a copy of a Telegraph article in the recent SOLDIER magazine, the Aussies have dropped their recruiting threshhold to include those who are over weight, asthmatics (spell check?) and middle aged people.

    That'll open the doors for more of the SIB I suppose.
  11. LOL yes you may well have a point there Biscuits.
  12. All those who were dieting like f*ck to get through the medical can relax now and get back into the Det bar.

    You can just see the relief on some of their faces......and the pie crumbs.
  13. Can't understand the Oz army's interest. They had a similar SIB recruiting drive circa 1970 and attracted some right duff stuff.
  14. They're short of recruits and will be for some time it would appear. Can't say as I'd blame anyone for going out there.
  15. Major G*** V*** (known as the boy V***), was last serving at HQ PM(A) in UPAVON as an SO2. He went out to Aus. I believe he is OC or maybe even CO of the training school there. Anyway, the clerk at HQ PM(A) has his contact details, should you want to enquire further.