RMP at Stonehenge for apocalyptic winter solstice

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by longhair, Dec 23, 2012.

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  1. As I was in the area I pulled in to have a look round the Stonehenge site on the morning of the 21st.
    Don't know if G4S were supposed to be providing cover for "the end of the world as we know it" and decided not to go as they wouldn't get paid, but along with the bouncers in hi-vis and just a few coppers, there were a number of RMP around.

    :rmp: /images/smilies/RMP.png /images/smilies/RMP.png /images/smilies/RMP.png /images/smilies/RMP.png /images/smilies/RMP.png

    I wonder what they were there for? ( RMP 32 Section SIB is just up the road).

    AWOLs gone crusty perhaps? /images/smilies/icon_threaten.gif
  2. Possibly a unit photo - I've seen a bulford unit do it before?
  3. In the 70's it was on 158 Coy's ground and legend has it that a usual radio-check in the early hours was "Stonehenge all present and correct"
  4. Eh? What's the supposed link between the Mayan Calendar and a Neolithic site (with no proven solar or calendrical function)?
  5. The Bustard Inn (on the edge of the Plain) has become a centre for sandals and lentils types from all over the world. The place is on the doorstep so I'd imagine they were able to come up with some tenuous connection to boost room sales a bit.
  6. A: An officer with a map.
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  7. Google Lay Lines
  8. O even 'ley' lines......
  9. Or even 'Or'.
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  10. Tou-*******-che.
  11. How times change. The carpark of The Bastard used to be full of waggons either coming or going on Ex. Happy days - bet the bar isn't as lively these days full or not.
  12. I once visted stonehenge on one of cpl gibbys "legendary" recce patrols.

    Followed by even more walking about
  13. A step up from smelling of cat wee and selling baked beans to the trailer park behind it.
  14. They were waiting for their spaceship!
  15. Dear God, so it's the RMP that will inherit the Earth.