RMP as career choice for ex-civvy detective

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Castleview, May 24, 2010.

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  1. Afternoon all, first post here, and on the subject of the RMP so I welcome and expect both serious and funny comments!
    My situation is this: I'm 30 years old, and recently left the Met police having served 9 years as a police officer: 7 in CID, and the last 6 years as a nationLly accreddited detective. I worked on all kinds of units including robbery squads, serious and violent crime and numerous murder investigations. I left having served for the Met and Kent police, and both with excellent service records ( my reasons for leaving civvy police were the daily travel to work (130 miles a day) and the fact that I wanted to work full time on a murder squad or such like my travel would have increased significantly more.
    I know a lot of people will think I'm crazy for leaving the civvy police, as the money was more than I could ever have wished to earn BUT it's not all about the money and retirement right????
    The first time I walked in the recruitment office the staff sergeant hammered me for basically wanting to swap "one uniform for another", which I strongly disagree with as policing London in plain clothes squads cannot be anything like the rmp surely?
    Being CID for so long I missed out on a lot of pro active work and uniformed work, and I am interested in joining to travel, see some action, work on investigations and look at the SIB. I have passed the national investigator course (detective course) which I think is pretty similar to one held within the rmp.
    I am extremely motivated to join the army, and look for a bit of promotion too (not so much for the money but I enjoy the responsibility).
    Can you guys give me some advice on first postings, likelyhood of going to Iraq or afghan (and whether this can be volunteered for) and general advice please?
    As I have dealt with human intelligence sources in the past too. Also have an eye on int corps as intelliegence operator.
    Thanks people
  2. I would have perhaps said stay in the civ plod and joined the RMP TA (There are specialists SIB) open to CID staff. You could have had "the best of both worlds" Go for it though mate
  3. Castleview check your PM.
  4. Not that many go for this route (i.e. leaving old bill and joining RMP) but, IMHO, it can only be a good thing for us. You will bring a lot to the party as far as experience is concerned. Be aware though that you are likely to get a little bored with some of the routine stuff to start with but in all I doubt that many would spend that long looking at you as a no clue LCpl when they know your background.

    Good luck mate, hope it is all you think it might be. I've certainly enjoyed my time since joining up in, oooh, was it that long ago?
  5. I know the normal route for careers is army to civvy police, i just fell into the police having worked as a anti-drug smuggling officer for hm customs and saw it as a progression.... If I could do it all again I would have joined the army a lot younger. During my initial police training one of the guys was ex RMP and I was impressed with how professional he was.
    Are there good opportunties to be posted abroad ie Germany, and obviously out to the middle east?
    Working in London for the rest of my life was not even an option regardless of the pension!!
  6. My bold. Are you sure you qualified as a detective?
  7. I would question your reasons for joining, to me reading your post it seems that you only stay in a job for a certain length of time, ie HM Customs and Police, I think you would be bored stupid ahving been in CID and having to take orders from younger members..
  8. I would hardly say 9 years service in a civilian police force by the age of 30 is jumping from job to job? I'm certain many soldiers join the army with no interion whatsoever of going past 7 and use the army as a means of gaining qualifications. I have earned 40k plus the last five years so if I just wanted
    an easy life I'd stick it out behind a desk for another 19.... It's not for me though London is a horrible place
  9. Haha why is that then?
  10. I see the BOLD now!!! Ha yeah I think he found civvy police lot less formal!! He was as straight as they come though, and all he wanted to do was become a traffic cop!! (just like you get "we all hate rmp" from certain forums within the army, the same is said in civvy police for traffic cops!!
  11. I did 15 years RMP then 5 years CivPol in Herts. Left to join RAF after getting a degree, so qualified from both ends and back to the middle. Having been in CVHQ RMP I can say that the TA SIB section were good, but they were still Civpol in Army uniform. The Corps has changed a lot, and for the better, soif you are prepared for a things to be more formal, more regimented, then go for it. I found Civpol after Army very laid back, very unmilitary, in fact they hated being likened to the military, and very unworldlywise. I am glad to say they have changed as well. My advice, go for it, study with the OU at the same time for a degree, and if it all goes tits up, joint the RAF as an Education Officer.
  12. Thanks For your post. Having joined the police the same time as the ex rmp officer I got the picture from him over bow formal the army is compared to civpol. I worked for kent police before joining the met, and Kent were a far more professional formal force.......the Met is so informal it's difficult to know who is in charge sometimes!! I can understand the ta SIB basically being detectives in arm oufit, and that isn't for me. Joining the rmp is a whole life change not just a different job and if I don't do it now I will be too old Nd regret it! If successful, is it a case of being posted wherever for gpd or is there some kind of choice?