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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by BigRed, Nov 28, 2006.

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  1. Today I saw two RMP types, one male one not, both squeezed into lycra Bk Dress/wooly pulley and would have a hard time catching a fleeing criminal but no bother finishing a box of Krusty Cremes.

    My Question to the RMP community is why do you wear the RMP armband on the right arm covering the rank?

    Sure there will be some RMP carry the power of god answer but not good if you are looking for Cpl/Sgt X and cannot tell what rank someone is

    I know everyone loves to slag off "movers" but at least they have the common sense to wear their armband on the left arm.
  2. Something to do with Army Dress Regs perhaps?
  3. Dress Regs stating that "Armband covering Rank badges" that doesn't make sense.

    Oh hang on its dress regs, maybe it does.
  4. It also states that RMP who are issued oversized uniforms must be allowed 2 calender months to grow into them.

    With Krusty Kremes...........you can do it in a month!
  5. Original purpose was to be worn on No 2 Dress therefore no issue as rank on both arms.

    In reality this is something that should be replaced as it is a pain in the arse to wear.
  6. I remember seeing one lass in Sennelager who had an elasticated extension on her armband to accommodate her bingo wings.
  7. Seen the same on the arse of a pair of combat trousers
  8. Conformity guys! The bent pin at the top of the brassard had to go in at the bend on the top stripe. OK with one stripe but confusing if more than one. Same thing happened with rolled sleeves in KD or OG. The roll had to be fag packet (20s size) wide. When this width was taken above the inner elbow joint as point of reference, the fold covered the bottom two of a set of three stripes. Good fun though when allied with a well slashed peak. Nigs would refer to sgts as Corporal and allow for venting. Petty old world isn't it?
  9. Was that 20 Black Cat, Park Drive or No 10?

    They didn't have brassards when you were in ORC. You had MP tattooed on your right arm at Inkerman! (and so did the women!).
  10. Artillery? :lol:
  11. No, a simple diet should reduce the size of them artillery shouldn't really be necessary.

    However, in the days of 'Hogs Arse Syndrome' there used to be the fabled pipe range under the square in Guildford where part of the resettlement process was rumoured to be one round of .22 in in the buttock to reduce the dimensions before being allowed out in public.
    Trouble is nowadays there aint any such thing as a small one.
  12. HAS. That was an epidemic in Depot. One lass in my squad had an arrse the same size as the one owned by the black woman on Tom & Jerry.

    Londonderry was funny. Remember that female Sgt? The big one. Yep, that's her. I was sat in the choggies one day when her and that full screw who claimed on Channel 4 that the Army turned her into a lesbian (turned me into one as well) were out running as part of their 'body management course'. Combined they were about the size of a Landrover.
    I met her again in Germany. She refused to speak to me there as well. She had an arrse like a burst couch. I remember playing 'guess her weight' in the RSMs bar. She was a right miserable tw*t as well.

    Remember the name of the DC from Strand Road who sh*gged it?
  13. Only women who ever came inside the gates at Inkerman were Harry Burden's wife and Gillette Lil, the sharpest NAAFI manageress in UK. She replaced Corkscrew Connie who had an unusual anatomical defect. Tattooing of arms took place during first week as medics injected us against every disease in the known world.
  14. Harry B. No disrespect, but f*ck I used to hate having to attend any function where he was there. Talk about milking it for what it was worth. He used to commandeer the Regimental Magazine as well. His photograph was on nearly every page . I was quietly chuffed when he popped his clogs.
  15. Harry B. Knew how to "milk" every occasion BUT he was probably the most feared RSM the Corps ever had. I remember him with tempered affection, and can conjour up many stories of Harry's antics. The jailing of the telegram boy who cycled onto the Inkerman square, the roof repairer who thought he was being tough and clever when he took the piss out of Harry who was taking an officer's drill parade. Dragged off the roof by two RPs and thrown into the tender of arms of that big Jock Provost Sgt, I guess he wondered what had hit him. An ex REME NSman he was too. Harry had been in so long that he knew so much about the Corps and it's major personalities. I was first "gripped" by him as VT Probationer in early 1958, and last "gripped" as a Sgt in 1966 for having the temerity to be running to the Mess in the pouring rain dressed in shirtsleeve order. Harry, safely wrapped in his big raincoat, and Depot QM at the time, had me, and 14 other senior ranks, stood to attention getting soaked to the skin as he delivered a lecture on why it was unseemly for seniors to run because of a little drop of rain. Harry was a character!
    ORC, remember that other "female" who could enter the hallowed Inkerman grounds??? YES, Nigel, the big civvy poofter who ran the Naafi shop just inside the area behind the main gate. "Ohhhh I could whip you with these leather bootlaces".
    Not a lot to do with brassards MP but previous posts reminded me of HB.