RMP and SO19 exempt speeding law?

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by western, May 17, 2008.

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  1. Not just them. All soldiers. Then all police. Next firemen, paramedics and then teachers etc... Its all the stress you see.

    Moment of madness... Oh of course. :roll:
  2. Its amazing what a little (ok a lot) of Billy Bullshitting will get you off with!
  3. Again Ex Soldier why Ex Soldier why not just Cop caught speeding blames everyone but himself. Just goes to show no honour amongst thieves.
  4. I am sorry but in my 22 RMP years I never, ever heard of colleagues witnessing other colleagues being killed!

    Not only a walt but a coward who is sh*t scared of manning-up the truth!

    A total disgrace and obviously left the Army cos he is a total shiester!

    If he was a 7th person in the brave 6, or otherwise I stand corrected, however I know this not to be the case!!

    It was a fooking speeding fine - no need to disrespect brave souls!
  5. Should have taken it on the chin,3 points and a 60 squid fine, End Ex.Lying barsteward should lose his job and every case he has dealt with should be reviewed to see if he told porkies to get a conviction.
    I'm assuming he was still authorised to carry firearms at the time he was caught speeding, as he was in a tactical aid group car,a man allegedly so stressed shouldn't be given a feckin cap gun.Disgrace.
  6. And furthermore, which court can expect to believe this lying cowardly tw@?

    He is therefore unemployable as a constable, let alone a citizen.

    He should lose job, pension, credibility (already gone) and all support!

    Of all people this country should hope to trust it's an armed police officer!

    Total coward !!!

    Ex RMP bears no reference to this type at all, as every Regt/Corps has tw@'s, even Civvy Bill!

    Walt of the worst kind!
  7. This is the second ex story this week where the proud ex is so desperate to escape justice they can't wait to bring their Corps or Regts into disrepute.
  8. So on entering the speed trap he had the time to turn on the blues and 2s, but not tap the brake?

    Lied to cover himself? Dismiss him from the force, give him pension and dues, he has at least earnt that, but how could this guy ever prosecute someone again?

    Some chav´s defence lawyer would make mincemeat of him knowing this as a background!!!
  9. I would contend his pension - hard line know - but he knew the rules, they are impressed at every oppertunity.

    If he is able to lie under these trivial conditions he is obviously able to do much more in the face of greater adversity.

    He should be given his donations back in the form of a cheque made out to ' lying tw@!'
  10. Knowing Rich personally and having served with him, I have to agree with the Magistrates comments

    Magistrate David Libby told him: "We accept your actions can be described as totally irrational and out of character."

    Although it's no real mitigation Rich was directly involved in the aftermath of the Basra ambush that killed Matt Titchner, Colin Wall and Dewi Pritchard . It was shortly after this he moved from the Met to D&C police.
    Feckemall: Just for info Rich is the last bloke in the world you would class as a 'Walt' if you met him. A man with a few problems maybe, but not a Walt.
  11. I would question how someone could be RMP involved in the aftermath of the incident mentioned, then joint the met (very long waiting list for a white Englishman' and then complete his 2 years probation and be eligible for transfer to D & C and then claim that this all took place as a result of what happened in Iraq, after passing (assumption) the armed officers psychometric testing. Please expand . . .

    I admit I don't know him and I am not making any suggestions against him personally, but based on what I do know I would not want anyone with that short history in a honourable police officers position let alone within range of a firearm.

    I suggest that his excuse to avoid conviction for a minor incident was at the very least blown out of proportion and at worst bringing dead comrades into his sordid story.

    Notwithstanding - there is the element of truth, honesty and justice to be considered above all else, irrespective of personal morals.
  12. Rich was mobilised as an IR as part of 4 RMP. When the Press quoted 22 years I think they failed to grasp the fact that 22 years was combined service for regular and TA service. He was Met for at least 8 Years before moving to D&C in 2004 so you can do your own sums.
    The whole episode has been blown out of all proportion by the press (as usual), but at the end of the day if your career was on the line, what brief wouldn't offer up mitigation?

    Edited to add I do not condone or in anyway agree with the mitigation offered by his brief!
  13. It's not outside the realms of possibility to be honest. If I recal the incident in Basra was in Aug 2003, I know as I was at Pritch's funeral. If this chap left the corps shortly after (say 2004) and went straight into the Met, he could have been out of his probation by 2006.

    From there you can then specialise and join firearms, even if they have a 3 year minimum service caveot like my farce he could have been there by 2007. You can also transfer to another force after your probation has been completed, forces actualy prefer this as short service transferee's have les pension for them to carry over.

    So it's quite possible. As for phsycometric testing, I can't speak for the Met but as far as I'm concerned it's non existant. I applied for firearms before choosing knuckle dragging and I wasn't asked to do any such testing.
  14. Don't know the guy, and on the whole I have every respect for coppers. The problem here is that the press have picked up on the fact that a copper has lied to get himself out of the sh1t after being clocked for speeding and then the courts have let him off for it. I have no doubt that the police diciplinary hearing will take a different line, but at the moment that is pure conjecture. It is not the first time the courts have take a different line with police to the public. Remember PC Mark Milton? 159mph around the Telford area? One law for us, another for the law enforcers?

    The public have the right to expect that the people that police them are honest, upright citizens and can hold the moral highground when faced with wrongdoers.

    The public, rightly or wrongly, still want Dixon of Dock Green as their copper, not those lying cheating tossers off the Bill!

    In similar circumstances would I have done the same? I don't know, but I would like to think not. In the past, when I have been caught out, I have always found that honesty is the best policy, however, perhaps if I thought that I knew the system well enough to get away with something then perhaps I would be tempted. D

    I don't entirely blame the guy for trying, but when caught out he should have taken his punishment like a man.