RMP and a girl missing since 1981

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Jacques_Bustard, Dec 14, 2012.

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  1. What a tragedy for the family.
    Imagine having to put your faith in the monkeys to put things right
  2. Must be the season for apologies from HM Gov
  3. Lets face it - child abduction was not on the usual monkees list of investigations - I went into this case in depth and even the GCP came up with "theories" rather than facts. If she is still alive - I hope that she is ok - unfortunately it is now listed as a cold case which can not be helpful for the family - as an ex tom, I really feel for them as they did not deserve this situation.

    Here's hoping that the RMP have moved on in their techniques enough and receive the help they need if they are investigating.

    Life can be so shit.
  4. Whenever I've had dealings with the RMP I'm left wondering why anybody believes that they are capable of investigating serious crimes?

    Allegedly IT related crime committed by UK mil in Germany (<70 pax) has a 2 year backlog simply to start the tech process leaving those under investigation free to remain in units until the investigation can proceed (innocent until....etc).

    Its taken years for the Army to acknowledge that having a "Police Force" subject to the military reporting chain might just be a tad inappropriate......no shit!!

    ....on the bright side at least their officer corps provide the bottom third at RMAS & Staff Coll......although the same comedians still make it to Colonel and, God forbid, 1*.
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  5. Where the McCanns on the plot?
  6. Come on its the Monkies were talking.
    They're not quite in Inspector Clouseau's league yet.
  7. Are they that good/bad?
    You pick, either way it's no great recommendation of their detecting skills is it?
  8. Yeah, I was implying that they hadn't yet reached his giddy heights of crime detection.
  9. Reading the thread I am wondering what the solution may be. When individuals are considered good enough for SIB perhaps spending time with civ pol and vica versa, or just not have a SIB at all ???
  10. Guns

    Guns LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. The Royal Navy

    The US Navy have NCIS, TV series aside it is a good set up. They employ civilians on contract to act as the investigators for serious crimes and recently took over Protect Duties (ie CP).

    They are trained to Federal law enforcement standards at one of the varies Federal law enforcement colleges and have full Agent status so can investigate across all federal crimes.

    They are out of the command chain so have that independence so not to be seen as one of the "man". They deploy with the larger ships and supplement the Master at Arms (service policemanofficer) who deal with routine policing like armed guards for the daily vending machine cash run on the carrier (mind you they are moving over to cash cards to reduce the amount of cash needed onboard). They also do all the FP and minor policing issues.

    The members tend to be old and bold service persons who see it as away in too law enforcement paid for, experienced policemenofficers who are looking for something different and the odd young person starting out in law enforcement. The big difference to our UK system is they join as law enforcement not a solider/sailor/crab first.

    In my dealings with them they are professional, if somewhat rule followers, and reasonably fair.
  11. Such a move would resolve many issues, except that the LE Officers would vote against it. The Lodge wouldn't be too happy about it either.

    The case under the microscope however is a 1981 case. There were some monumental **** ups, but I doubt that anyone involved in that investigation is actually serving today, so it's a bit harsh to hold todays element responsible for a job which was conducted before most of them were actually born. Don't let that fact get in the way of a good mud slinging contest though.....and we'll promise to keep quiet about you lot murdering unarmed civilians...at home and abroad...and more recently than 1981.
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  12. I was out in Germany and remember this case. Our diving team was called out to search sewers in Paderborn. I thought GCP were the lead agency on this; not that I hold any brief for the RMP.
  13. The little girl disappeared from the NAAFI shop in Schloss Neuhaus and not Paderborn. I was with my missus in the NAAFI shop that Saturday at the same time. I thought the search seemed quite thorough. Sadly we saw nothing of the little mite.