RMP Affair on Tour

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Jitsuwarrior, Sep 10, 2007.

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  1. Have a question for everyone.

    A few months back the News Of The World carried a story about an RMP Sgt that was having an affair on tour (OP Telic Something).

    Does anyone have a hyperlink to the story?
  2. One adult fucks another adult while away from home. Shock. How newsworthy.
  3. Have you tried looking on the news of the world website?

    just a thought...
  4. more importantly as I don't remember this story was it a bird...

    If so shes obviously up for it :wink: anyone know current location :?
  5. I had sex on tour - at least once a day - do you want to know about me?

    (ok - I was alone everytime but on a few occassions I cheated on my right hand by using my left 8) )
  6. Newton Dunce must have been involved in the reporting.
  7. Jitsuwarrior = JOURNO????
  8. Names? Photo's? Rumours and conjecture even?
  9. Would you like to know about me and a chef bird in Bosnia? She was married, but saying that, you'd need to speak to half of R coy about that too.

    Or perhaps the single chef in Kosovo? Or the Sigs bird called Jenni the week after? (she took it up the bum in my Machy waggon)

    Or a local lady the other night, who manages a prestigious hotel down the road??

    Do you have a RMP fetish??!?!?
  10. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Yeah I did a Chef once when I was on guard. It was in Catterick in 1985, new years eve, I can see the headline now 'no one put in danger as solder has nookie with the cookie'. :roll:
  11. WAS HE ALONE??

    speak to his hand..
  12. FFS it would be a better story if someone didn't get shagged.