rmp advice please

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by davethedog, Oct 17, 2009.

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  1. Hi ,
    i have a more in depth post in the jhq forum ,but basicaly i applied for my acsm via the medal office and was informed that the medal had been signed for by an individual a year after my discharge and that i would have to report the medal stolen or buy a copy, the problem is
    1, i'm a civvie now discharged 12 yrs ago
    2' the medal was signed for in germany
    how do i go about reporting this as a theft 12yrs later and in another sovereign country. also can i get the details to who ever signed for my medal as proof that i have never recieved or signed for the above
    any help would be appreciated.
  2. I am sure you can report this as the theft will have been signed out within an MoD installation and so would be dealt with under UK law.

    Statute of limitation might not apply because the theft have only just been discovered. Perhaps you should call the RMP police station at wherever it was signed out.
  3. it would have been signed for at hq stc sennelager, does anyone have the contact number for an rmp station ,i live in norfolk east anglia
  4. Why did it take you 12 years to discover you didn't get a medal you were entitled to?

    Who signed for the medal. Do they have a name?

    I don't think the RMP will give this the time of day. You've left it too late.

    If you asked me to investigate this, I'd tell you to jog on.

    You've lost your medal haven't you and are trying to blag a new one?
  5. Try whichever of these is closest to you: Linky

    160 Provost coy is based in Aldershot and their number is 01252 347323; not sure if there's one closer to Norfolk.
  6. better off reporting to 110 at sennelager they work next door to stc

    but you would need more info ie who signed for it etc, perhaps they are still serving?

    It may be the case that your medal is with your docs at dhc
  7. perhaps earning the right to wear it in the first place would be a good start you waltish type you
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  9. the medal was signed for in july 1998 i left in july 1997 the reason it took 12 yrs as i had certain issues i had to sort out if you have'nt been down that road which i hope you don't you won't understand .
  10. many thanks bravo zulu :D
  11. What, you served over 30 years in an operational theatre (you earned it 10 times over)!!!!!? Well done my good man, a hero amongst heroes!!


    ps. Please don't do internet threats to me as well, they are really scarey
  12. pm sent
  13. What an unpleasant little man.
  14. This is getting a it silly.DTD, don't rise to it. Have you explained the sitation to the Army Medal Office? I suspect if they have documentary evidence that someone else signed for it, and that you confirmed in writing, that would suffice, and they would re-issue. This offence clearly wouldn't be investigated by RMP, (not proportio
    nate, no likelihood of conviction etc) but that doesn't mean an offence hasn't taken place.

    However, you're dealing with civil servants; I can only wish you the best of luck....
  15. do not even take the p**8 by calling me a hero i done what i done in my time but that is nothing to what the lads and lassies are doing in theatre today so please please answer my pm as the people who know me ,know i do not make threats ,you super dupper warrior :? . appologies to all who have tried to help with my original post the advice is very much appreciated :D