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Hello if there are any RMP there that are good with the Road Traffic Act I need some advice.

In London came to a traffic light at the correct speed limit, it suddenly changed to amber. I was intending straight on.
The road coditions were wet and i had traffic following (tailgating) it was unsafe to stop. It had just a microsecondgone to amber. It was a box junction then my car was flashed by the camera there, one of them grey types.

Am I expecting a fixed penalty notice?
I am Class One Police Driver trained (as part of my job) and i was taught that on a amber if unsafe to stop carry on. If i do get a dreaded letter on the mat what the heck do i do, 13 years of safe driving no penalty points and never been stopped and I am seriously worried. I know the traffic ayatollahs in London are unforgiving when it comes to driving penalties.

Armadillo. :?


Sorry I can't help with your question, but just as a thought the camera that flashed you presumably didn't understand the road conditions and what the car behind you was doing. Are you sure it was actually your car that got flashed?

You already know amber means stop unless unsafe to do so, so I would imagine you could argue your case (if it ever got that far) out of court.

Good luck I'm sure it'll be fine.



War Hero
(all the below is based on the premis this is a genuine enquiry)

I'm not an expert but have a rough working knowledge. Also I don't live in the smoke and so I'm sure someone will correct me if i'm wrong but:

If you were not pinged - you'll hear no more about it, forget about it and drive safely.

If you were: With traffic matters they'll let you know through the normal post. If you get a notice you should have a number of options, generally:

1. Accept it, plead guilty by post - get fined and points.

2. Don't accept it - get summoned to court and present your defence. If you plan on that then it's OK to defend yourself and lots of people do (although they do say only a fool does that) or hire a solicitor beforehand. If defending yourself you'll need to present 'evidence', not opinion. The fact your a Class 1 driver is evidence, the fact you 'believed' it was unsafe to stop isn't, that's opinion. Whether it's 'expert opinion' and admissable/ relevant is something the court will decide I guess. If you can obtain it evidence of the weather and traffic conditions would be useful. If it were me, and I planned to do this, I would 1. Write a statement about what happened now (showing I'm not making up things once I know I'm pinged). Refer to your current job/trade, quals and driving experience, relevant roadcraft and highway code section, conditions on day and your decision making process and early actions after the event to sort it out (and in that order). 2. Contact local cop shop to info them/check on if pinged. Chance are they won't have a clue, but phone to ensure they record your question and you can obtain a copy of that record pre court. Again showing you are honest and were aware of what happened at time having taken a concious decision based on safety. Did you report it when you returned to your unit? Again, open, honest, professional. were you in a firm's car, is there a black box in it? 3. Get what evidence you can re the weather and traffic. Anything from the met office to local CCTV systems could help you here. 4. Seek disclosure of the other sides evidence - pre trial. If they have a photo of you in an otherwise empty road you'll struggle to convince them about the tailgater. 5. Take all your evidence to court, including certificate of driving qual, wear a suit and tie and present your evidence. When/if relevant be prepared to explain how points etc will affect your career, will you be shifted in job, miss out on a course or a promotion etc? In your favour, if it gets this far, chances are the other side will be expecting an average smo to turn up without preparing.

Lastly option 3. Do nothing - get sommoned to court and present your defence after explaining why you couldn't be arrsed to reply properly.

Good luck.


Cheers Stroker,

Option 2 for me. I take exceptional pride in my Roadcraft and clean safety record (including blue light runs). I find driving a privilege not a right and I know that with the advice you have given me that the court will accept a mature and researched answer than a Knee jerk cry of why me?

thanks again as Mrs Armadillo very angry with me for not telling her out of embarrasment.


PS Happy New Year, Where ever you may be.


Unfortunately there is a catalogue of individuals who have recieved the brown envelope because they crossed the line to let emergency vehicles through. When dealing with technology you rarely get a sympathetic hearing.

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