Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by david2005, May 6, 2005.

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  1. Hi all,

    joining the RMP is one of my career options however, looking at the army careers website regarding RMP I have found what looks to me as rather a dubious claim.

    "There are opportunities to serve with Special Forces such as Commando units or the Special Air Service Regiment. "

    Can anyone with experience within the RMP verify this for me please?

    Are you an RMP NCO who has served supporting the SAS? Do you know if there are many opportunities to serve with the SAS or the other special lot eg Para's or commando units. Has anyone had to undertake the SF selection to work in support of the SAS as an RMP soldier?
  2. Maybe I might be going off on a tangent but is the RMP not about POLICE WORK.

    If you want to work SF then join the SF.

    Not wanting to sound rude or offensive (honestly) but would it not be easier to pick a trade that you want to do.
  3. The RMP is part of the regular army and as so can do any of the courses offered, SF, Para or Cdo. You can go SiB, Close Protection whatever. Just because you will be a Monkey, this will not stop you. 8)
  4. As a member of the AGC(RMP) you'll be in close support to every unit the armed forces has to offer.
    This doesn't mean you'll be lying up as part of the killer group next to Lofty Wiseman, but you will have close contacts. Unfortunately for you, as a red berret wearing serviceman, your support, will not be appreciated.
    But good luck all the same, you'll need it!
  5. You can do your Commando Cse and P Coy with the RMP, just like any other unit. You could get to serve at 156 Pro Coy (who support 16 AA Bde) if you do P Coy and the RM Police Troop (if you do Commando Cse).
    I know of at least a couple of RMP NCO's who have gone for SAS Selection and are currently sporting sandy berets. But the main caveat on all of this is that if you don't produce the goods in your chosen trade (ie: if you police work or Ops work is not up to standard) you will not get the opportunity to do any of these courses.
    Join the RMP, prove yourself at your core role and then the gates for all these courses will open to you. Simple as that! Good luck!
  6. Yes you definately can do both courses in the RMP, but trying to get on the Commando Course is a pain in the arse. For some reason the RMP head shed like to ignore all the blokes who have done the course or who want to do it and post some bloke down their who dosn't want to then complains that he had a crap 2 yrs.

    Anyone in the Army can do selection for SAS/SBS, but if you go from the RMP expect to get 2/3 days off after a night shift before the course starts to train, not the couple of months that everyone else seems to get. Saying that a couple of blokes have got in, in the last couple of years.

    If you are seriously interested in that type of thing look elsewhere to give yourself a decent chance.
  7. I agree with the above post if your ultimate goal is to join a special forces unit then you should join the Inf. The Paras or the Marines may be your best bet. That is where you will learn the best skills for your ambitions.
  8. Well, for reg SF you'll get all the skills taught to you if you can get through SF test week so I wouldn't worry about that side of it too much.
    My advice would be join whoever you want, keep switched on, keep fit and, one day, put the bloody forms in and do the thing!
    I say again, it doesn't matter if you're in the RLC, if you're fit enough, have a bit of grit about you and you're not a total cnut, you'll make it.
    Seeing as you're still a civvy and you're still considering your options why not give 21/23 SAS or SBSr a go? If you think you're up for it then check out www.uksfr.co.uk
  9. I understand the close support in this context but only in the sense the you will or could be in close support to a bunch of teeth arms controlling traffic for them. Close support has a totally different meaning in everything from Inf to REME. The bit about 'you will have close contacts'; it's more likely with the operational deployments of today but that said, highly unlikely. You may get the odd close contact down the stadt but those will be from drunken brit soldiers being happy drunk Brit soldiers.

    I am not a fan of monkeys, never will be, but they do have a role and it sounds like it's being sold to you. Your aspirations are SF? I know successful Sigs and RA (not just Inf) who have made it but don't be attracted by the glamour and stigma that goes with SF. It's fcuking tough, you have to be experienced and motivated with a whole load of mind working for you. This comes from experience and the earlier post of Inf or para may stand you in better stead. If this is your aim, find your feet in the 'normal' army first, don't blab off about how you wanna be like Ross Kemp one day.

    And finally.........I have said this before.......RMP, fast promotion, first stripe after you learn to do a bed block but you do have to sign a certificate stating you never want to be liked, by anybody, ever ever ever......Best of luck in what you choose potential Monkey!
  10. "And finally.........I have said this before.......RMP, fast promotion, first stripe after you learn to do a bed block but you do have to sign a certificate stating you never want to be liked, by anybody, ever ever ever......Best of luck in what you choose potential Monkey!"

    Obviously we have reasons as to why we get promoted after basic,(although i was a lance jack RCT before i went over to the dark side), yes most squaddies have a little dislike to the men in Redcaps, but we all have a job to do in the Army and we are as popular as the scab lifter in the MRS when you have a dose of clap.
    Saying that, my time as RMP was fantastic, i did what i wanted to do and got loads out of my time in the Army so i would have to give it a thumbs up to any potential RMP NCO, your very right when it comes to the SF bit mate, if anyone is looking for that type of role forget it and go Inf or a Corps to give yourself a better chance unless your are very very good.
    What i would say is to give RMP a go and see what happens but dont be expecting to be in a long line of other RMP NCO's getting off at the train station in Hereford unless your working at the Det
  11. Hi all,

    I originally started this thread with regards to weather there was posting opportunities within the RMP to special forces etc.

    I am grateful for the advice. Many of you have pointed out that given my interest in the type of work special forces do it would be sensible to join inf to get experience etc first before trying for SF selection. In response to that I can only say that I wish I was younger than I am now. I am 26 years old just finishing univerity and whilst the army is not a typical graduate job, frankly it means more to me than any civy job. The way of life, people, career, what the army stand for etc.

    I think Im too old to begin a career in the infantry. Age is not just a number, whilst I can remember myself being a typical lad in my teens and early twenties I am alot more mature and wiser now. I didnt really attach any great importance to the consequences of what I said, way behaved etc. You get the jist.

    I dont think it appeals to me now to act, think and behave any less mature or less midful etc

    I have respect for what the infantry has achieved and will go on to achieve and in some ways disappointed that I am not in some way really suited o it now.

    As for the RMP, not being like so much I think in some ways you have to agree that they make their own individual contribution to upholding the good name of the British Army. Every arm and service makes their own valuable contribtion as I m sure you will agree. Some people may have specific grievences against specific soldiers & officers in the RMP for the way they have been treated but on the whole it seems to me
    alot of people readily accept, without questioning why there is such a negative attitude towards the RMP

    Could it be that some soldiers simply dont like authority. I remember that I didnt but that was when I was a KID!! Im sure some people have a justification for not liking the rmp IF theyve been wrong treated and quite rightly so. But lets not get carried away.

    Whats the problem anyway?Its possible to go out on the piss without disgracing yourself or the army!
  12. Well the average age of guys who pass UKSF selection is 27. You work it out.
    Remember that for reg SF you've got to be in for 3 years before attempting it and you only get two weeks of fitness build up. If you're dead set on SF go to UKSFr.co.uk and find your local unit. Give them a call, go and meet them and you might get a clearer picture.
    If you want to join the RMP then join the RMP.
    Regular SF is an addition to a regular career.
  13. As you can see from below we have been very popular from day one !!

    The provost must have a horse allowed him and some soldiers to attend him, and all the
    rest commanded to obey and assist, or else
    the service will suffer, for he is but one man and must correct many and therefore he cannot be beloved.
    And he must be riding from one garrison to another to see the soldiers do not outrage
    Nor scathe the country.

  14. Mr 'MonkeyRmp',

    Where did you get that ?!! It sounds bizarre ! But it also rings true.

    I'd like a question regarding 'the way of life' in the RMP.
    In your experience, what is the actual day-to-day police like overall, and how does it differ greatly from civpol and as a military policeman will I only ever assist soldiers or will there be the opportunity to assist members of the public.

    I would hope that the RMP is an interesting and varied career. What can you say about your career ie the highs and lows.

    Thanks m8 appreciate it.
  15. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    monkeyrmp. I think the quote refers to officers who were appointed from the line or cavalry regiments during the Peninsular cmapaign, and others. They were not policemen per se but officers who found themselves given a job nobody else wanted (Sharpe would probably have been a Provost in real life).

    The Provost Martial (now Marshall I think) is a very loose link to the current CRMP.