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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by mattilon, Jan 6, 2009.

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  1. Hi all

    Im soon going to be starting as a civilian police officer, however I have had a desire to join the army for a number of years but havn't done so for various reasons. I was wondering if anyone knew of any police officers serving in the RMP TA and if this joint service was possible or if it was a conflict of interest.
    I have been unable to speak with police HR yet and just thought I d see if anyone on here could give me any info.

  2. Plenty of serving bobbies with 116. I believe constabularies have a fixed number allowed to be TA. It used to be they had to go military police if they wanted to be TA but this may have changed.

    Which det, Manchester or Cannock?
  3. Hasn't this thread been done on the Joining the TA forum? I remember putting a reply on that one earlier.
  4. if you're joining my lot (WMP) you have more chance of plaiting fog. I understand other forces are more accommodating.
  5. I know of West Mids coppers in RMP TA. I take it you mean West Mercia? GMP (for manchester Det) are quite supportive of TA too.
  6. Granted, if you are already in, they will support you. But if you are joining WMP, and want to join the RMP TA, I think I can safely say you have pretty much zero chance. To be fair, if you have just joined, you will have plenty on your plate. Additionally, as an employer, I would be pretty pi$$ed off at a new recruit expecting time off to go playing soldiers 5 minutes after joining up....!
  7. Fair one, getting through probation shoud be.
  8. In some cases they won't entertain it, however some will. In others it's a case of if you are in the TA before you join then fair play, but if you're not, then they won't let you join afterwards. Best to ask first mate...or move up North where they are more accommodating.
  9. West Midlands Police (WMP) have a qouta or a set percentage of their officers that they allow to join the TA.

    West Mercia Constabulary (WMC) don't to my knowledge (and I'm in it and joined the TA while serving).

    I don't know about other forces but I wouldn't mind betting more and more will set limits the longer the current Ops continue.

    We have members of both the above and more at 116, Merseyside, GMP, Wilts, Cambridgeshire are also represented. Police work in the RMP(V) isn't comparable to the Civvy Bill, it isn't even that comparable to the reg RMP. We train for the very basics but there is very little oppurtunity for us to do any real policing. Additionally the powers that be don't want RMP(V) to get involved in policing beyond the basics. Provost Ops and finding volunteers willing to deploy with Regs to provide Provost support on Ops - that's our bag.

    There are a few threads on here about 116 now, tel numbers and contacts are included, but PM me for specifics if you can't find the info you're looking for.
  10. Durham Constabulary currently have an advertisment for a non-police post on their website which states that you have to agree to resign from the TA/RNR/RAF (Aux) as a condition of your employment. No resignation, no job.

    What was all that SABRE pish about?
  11. Odd that, my missus did several short attachments to Aldershot and one to CJPU. I know of others at 116 that have also worked at Aldershot for a short period. The regs are always screaming for top-ups. Where there's a will there's a way!

    I agree there's a resistance for TA to get too involved in policing, but let's face it, that's not what TA RMP was formed for.
  12. I have been told that certain regular RMP units are looking for TA to step in and do GPD for a while.

    Nice way to keep the money coming in if someone is TA RMP and about to become a victim of the current economic mess 8O
  13. Depends on the unit, my old TA unit (252) came to Hohne last year to attend their annual camp, and after a few days refresher training, did a shift cycle out of Fallinbostel MPS. However these were just level one jobs and anything more protracted was taken on by 111. Plus patrols were mixed in with one experienced reg/civvie bill to one or two 'pure' TA NCOs.

    From what I saw it was well recieved from both sides, 111 got Fally flooded with patrols and 252 got some experience and practice.
  14. out of interest what where the formed for ?
  15. TA GPD Companies were Mainly Traffic Control Duties from the 70's to the 90's BPU's were formed in the early 90's to concentrate on Policing but were binned under SDR. From 2003 TA have been expected to undertake full GPD duties, some more successfully than others depending on the TA soldiers Civi Job :wink: