RMLY to go?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Apr 28, 2013.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. 'Top' and 'TA' in the same sentence.........?

    Best recruited? Nothing to do with being in the impoverished North, by any chance?

    All that having been said: this does rather seem to fly in the face of the 'let's get the STABs to do all the work' policy much touted by the present bunch of fucktards in the MoD.
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  3. Except it is not in the North... Dudley, Telford, Chester, Wigan and Hereford. Well OK Wigan...

    Given that it is roled to support Challenger - what does that say about just how many Challenger units will really be left...?
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  4. msr

    msr LE

    Or a finger in the eye for our previous and very Yeomanry ex Maj Gen?
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  5. Not really he is Colonel of the QOY, if the plan goes, well, as planned, Cheshire Yeomanry (his bit) and DLOY will become part of QOY.

    Other bits, but not all, of RMLY will fold into RY.

    It will be a very sad day and will result in the loss of a cap badge. The role of all Yeomanry, except parts of RWxY will be light cav. RMLY are already in the process of re-roling.
  6. Which will be a buggers muddle of SY and NIH. Political tom foolery but nothing at all new.

    The campaign, if that is what it is, to save the RMLY has not got off to a good start with not posh enough, the QOY recruits in the north east and is headquatered in Newcastle! No doubt there will be a faceache page and all the same shit the QDG did.
  7. Why can't they be re-roled?

    Surely it is easier to convert 372 tankies into 372 infanteers, than it is to generate 372 brand new infanteers?

    It makes no sense to me, in a time when they're trying to offload more responsibility to the TA, it makes no real sense to bin 372 trained soldiers and several TA centres in the name of taking on fresh faces and new buildings.
  8. I doubt they're sacking the actual troops - much more likely that they will be offered places in other units.
  9. Read my earlier post, most of the 372 will go to QOY and RY. In effect one HQ Sqn will go with a new one being formed I assume in Scotland. It is a load of bollocks (and as usual it is the Scottish bit that is screwing up the whole process) but 372 Yeomen are not being binned.
  10. I'm just getting this straight in my own mind...

    At time when we expect the TA to take on a bigger role in defence, we are shutting down a TA Regiment.

    Thus losing a 'foot on the floor' in a massive area of the country and thus losing potential recruits from those areas, and worse losing already trained blokes.

    If we actually want an active, capable reserve we need to ensure every population center has the capability of recruiting and supporting such part time personnel. Or we need to encourage the personnel to the come to a centralised point in order to maintain his skills (a la RAuxAF)

    Shutting down units like this doesn't seem to support the overall effort.
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