RMLY Guidon parade

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by tothepubandbeyond, Oct 14, 2006.

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  1. Did anyone else attend this event? either in the crowd or on the ground.
  2. Yes - and good it was too.
  3. On the ground. Wonderful day.
  4. As an ex DLOY man who attended the previous Guidon parade I was sad to miss this one due to work commitments, especially as the CO is responsible for me initially joining the TA and sowing the seed for me moving into the Regulars.

    Glad it went well and looking forward to the next one in 15-20 years time!
  5. Was part of the parade and all went well on the day,
  6. Apart from the lad who almost fell on his Bayonet.
  7. Oh yes and the one behind him who went flat onto his back, and the poor lad that fell himself out of the parade and walked of!!!

    Oh well at least his ass belongs to someone for the fore seable future
  8. his ass is mine, falling on his back didn't hurt half as much as the slapping i gave his face to bring him around.
  9. Cant believe he didnt have the bottle to fall back in like the other lad, and there SSM thinks there they best at drill.

    Do anything to get out of drill!!!!!!!
  10. rumour has it the ssm of no4 guard won £5 off some nutter who bet on no1 guard being better at drill!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. good job he didnt go with his orignal bet of 60 quid then wasnt it!!!!!
  12. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I read about the Parade on intranet. It also mentioned that Hereford det of the LI was joining the RMLY. Are they rebadging or are they coming across as LI making the RMLY a bit of a combined arms BG?

    BTW well done on having a good parade. I was on a Colours presentation in 1980 - we spent the whole of annual camp preparing for it - bit of a waste of a camp!
  13. They have been rebaged to RMLY, and are got to become our reece troop, if that doesnt happen then they will re-train a challenger 2 crewmen
  14. Razzin about on a chally beats walkin any day
  15. What's a Reece Troop?