Ok - its slightly off topic, but I'll be landing at Cranfield (all being well) in October, bursary in hand.

To cut to the chase on this one:
In what way does the accomodation differ for the bursary students like myself? (or does it?)

-Are we on site full time?
-What if any notable differences should I expect?
and (the usual stude question:)
-Where is the best pub/club/talent?
"Where is the best pub/club/talent?"

Have you ever been to RMCS?  

Suggest you visit before you sign on the dotted line...and then go to a University where the population of women is greater than 4% and the nearest nightclub is under your flat not 10 miles away!!
I did my in-service degree at RMCS a 'few' years ago and can say that I had a great time.  Its not going to be the same as a normal university so don't expect it to be. Also don't be put off by the 'you won't be shagging/smoking spliffs/shagging/growing your hair long/shagging brigade'.  The vast majority of them spent their whole time living in a condemned building, eating mouldy food and pretending they were having a great time.  Expect lots of sport, great facilities, the chance to go away adv training in leave, etc and women too.

P.S Don't they call it Shrivenham anymore?
Just be sure the person you are shagging has:

a.    2 eyes of the same colour.

b.    Consented . . . just in case RMCs/Cranfield/Shrivenham should establish an uncomfortable tradition . . . .
Right so if I can avoid the local female population that boasts 12 toes and multi-colour eyes. it shouldn't be too bad then.....

The mil. set up is a big thing for me (prob. more so for the parents) - like the idea of being reasonably secure and although I'll still be a civi, it seems like a good adjustment to the mil. way of life if your constantly working in that environment.

What about the UAS and other cadet elements there?

- I'll be there on the 6th March to have a look see
Ok so it is in Wiltshire but really quite close to the Oxfordshire border ... make sure you go East.

Ahh consent, yes there was a 'small' (ahem) incident a few years ago involving a young lady, 6 of shriv's finest and a sauna but we won't talk about that!

Not sure what they do about UOTC things nowadays although a number of the civvies when I was there went to Oxford UOTC which had some top balls.  UAS - are you some sort of CRAB wannabe? If so best scuttle off to pprune.

P.S As someone who is essentially a civvy you might be advised to change you log in name as some of our maroon hatted bretheren might get very excited.
Crab wannabe!?! - SOD OFF, hate them - at least the AAC/FAA don't regularly try to wipe me out when I'm flying locally.

Sadly though I must side with the 'dark side' to get flying while I'm at uni.
I must agree with ok yah you would be ill advised refereing to any airborne pretensions you may have whilst still a civ, (I include any TA course you may have done)
Just a point, I believe that from September this year the Army are sending their undergraduates on a pilot scheme to civvy universities...

Signals are going to Newcastle
Engineers are going to Southampton
REME are going to either Bristol or Reading.

I understand this includes the Welbeck in take about to finish.  Anyone got any further int on this leap in the right direction?
OK,  Future events at Shriv.

The next influx of undergrads is the last.  They will complete their respectives degrees and will not be replaced at Shriv.  

They will be a trial group, half the size of a normal intake.  The better half of their 6th form class will be sent to one of 7 or 8 proper uni's on a small bursory rather than the straight pay they get at the moment.  (this also means that the assholes of the group go to shriv!)

The other side of the stables is soon to become a building site.  They are building an 'on-commissioning Warant course' which will be an intro to other arms, corps and services for late entry officers.  Kind of a JDSC for late entries on their commision.

Also, when the current General Leaves, he is to be replaced by a civvy (highest military RO post I think).  This leaves the current Generals Quarters open for the head of th JDC(?) thinktank thing for their head of shed.

Any more info needed, ask Reg at the pub.  I think he knows it before the Army board do.

P.S.  He is also good at knowing postings before you do!

The lease on Wlbeck isup.  I is being returned to its owers costng around 1.5 milion as it as to be returned to its origional state of repair.

Welbeck is dead!!

On the bad side, thy are going to carry on a sixth form college but I don't know where it will be.

Any ideas?
Loughborough. From underground to the ex-home of the underground; ho-ho my little joke.

Having been a civvie once myself, and a student to boot, I can relate to your plight over accessing fine buxom wenches.

I had a lot of troubled friends who went to Shriv. All of them developed large calluses on the palms of their hands before finding enlightenment outside of the fortress walls. You must get out. UAS/OTC is a good start. You say you're keen on flying why not join the CRABs then. If not, then the University Air Squadron is OK but much smaller than the OTC less girls. Both are based at Oxford in a place called Falklands House it is down by the Railway station opposite the Ice Rink  If you have a bursary already you will not be allowed to join the UAS.

That said if you don’t tell them I found you could get away with it for about 18 months before they find out and bin you. The OTC has loads of fit chicks from Oxford Poly or Brookes University as it is now called. The parties are great and you can book transport/cars from Shriv MT to travel to the OTC as a duty fare. There is paperwork and stuff to sort out but I don’t get bogged down in that sort of stuff that’s for clerks.

Whatever you choose make sure you don’t mong it for too long at Shriv otherwise you become too indoctrinated too early and everybody will hate you.
Best advice, go to a proper University and learn about mil life when you are at Sandhurst. You’ll still be a captain within 3 years even if you are crap. Trust me I know.

Little PS. Could be a good idea to change the handle not even the SAS are airborne they’re just Fit Hats so be warned even if you have pretension of wearing a maroon beret "it don’t always work out."
PPS. If you can't change your University make sure you go with a driving licence and a big stack of porn. That will keep you busy till the holidays come round and you can get away on an adventure training expedition
Thought this thread would have died a long time ago :p

Came to my senses ages back, going to a civi uni for a masters in alcohol consumption, a sandwich course in the female form & I might take up swimming to see how far I can get with the breaststroke.  ;D

PS: The name 'Airborne' is there because I hope to don the blue beret someday.
Step in the right direction education wise keep the site posted on any conquests girls love reading about themselves in the tabloids, as this is the next best thing.

As for the blue beret thingy great idea for fun but if your after joining for command and respect of soldiers it “an’t gona happen” with them. Not everybody’s bag though and despite the lure of extra pay you can still easily get a fecking good flying job in civvie street post Army. With just a small course.

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