Just wondering what the make up of each of the terms at Sandhurst is?

For example, is there one large field exercise at the end of each term or is it constant; is term one more focused on drill and class work? etc.
Each term culminates in a field ex, but there are others through out the terms as well. There is also an inter-plt competition that runs throughout the CC with events in each term.

Term 1 - basic training, learning fieldcraft, sect/plt battle drills, foot drill, learning about the differenet parts of the Army and selecting your 2 capbadge choices.

Term 2 - more academic, essays and presentations, 2 big exercises - Trench digging and FIBUA. Lots of NBC trg.

Term 3 - treated more like adults, big exercise Peace Sp style - play enemy, civpop and security forces. Also final ex is 2 weeks often in canada or cyprus. Have you selection interviews for your 2 capbadge choices. Lots of drill for commissioning parade.

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