Discussion in 'Officers' started by 16yrspr, Feb 3, 2009.

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  1. I am pretty sure this topic is fairly well trod ground on ARRSE but cant find any info.

    Specifically I am trying to establish whether time spent training ar RMAS (in my case 1 year) contibutes to pensionable service, or whether RMAS time was just for fun.

    Grateful if a fellow arrser could explain this to me, or send an appropriate link
  2. Under the AFPS75, officer service under the age of 21 was not pensionable. Under AFPS05, all Service personnel are pensionable as soon as they join.

    If you join now, you will be on the latter scheme; ergo, you will start earning your pension immediately.

  3. I presume you joined before AFPS 05 or you are in for a shock if you think 16 years for officers still!

    your offer to transfer (green piece of paper) will tell you your pension start date. or look at the pension calculator.

    This (for me at least!) is the day I started Sandhurst. or my 21 birthday :x I stayed on AFPS 75, and did 2 1/2 years for fun/the queen! 8O
  4. IRRC, if you joined the Services on or after 01 April 2005, you will be on the Armed Forces Pension Scheme 2005.

  5. Thanks to all. big help.