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The RMAS medical assessment team Capita rejected my medical due to a couple of counts of depression I had at university (it was not serious as I never hurt myself or required to go to hospital for a period of time, that is not to say i don’t think it’s a serious issue) to me it was fairly minor and to others around me but it shows on my medical record and that paints a certain picture. I was wondering if it was worth asking my GP for an assessment to clarify to capita that I am of sound body and mind? The doctor who rejected my application said I could reapply in September 2021 by then I will be halfway through my 26th year and close to getting too old, I am keen to go to sandhurst as soon as I can really. Is this at all possible (the appeal I have heard that it is rare)
There is a medical thread you know

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The average age of OCdts in recent years has been 23 or 24. So no drama with age at all.

You've nothing to lose in appealing. Indeed it would demonstrate commitment and drive.
Having just appealed a medical rejection due to one count of work related stress and had it changed to a deferral and also potentially looking at Sandhurst while 27 or older I would reccomend myself as someone to message on this topic.

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