RMAS Regular Commissioning Course

Discussion in 'Officers' started by paulrobz, Sep 4, 2007.

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  1. Hi,

    Can anyone provide a brief time-scale of how the course works.


    1-5 Weeks - Initial Training - Can't Leave RMAS
    5-10 Weeks

  2. msr

    msr LE

  3. I dont suppose you know which page has this clearly written?
  4. Got some info, but not exactly what i was after.

    If i was to go on a May intake, what dates would the gap be during term 1 and 2?

  5. Have you passed AOSB yet? If so, ring the OCAC and ask them.

    If not, then don't worry about it until you do pass. Because then you can ask the people who can give definitive answers all the questions you like! :D
  6. 14 weeks later, then four weeks leave of which one week will be an adventurous training course.

    (hint: get MLT before you go so you can do something interesting)
  7. I havent passed my AOSB yet. I just curious.

    Cheers Pillager, i'm allready a qualified technical diver and shortly going to undertake a BSAC course to convert for the military route.

    Similar to september intake, is the start nomally the 2nd week and arrive on sunday before e.g. 9th Sep 07 arrive, then start 10th Sep 07?
  8. How about arrive on 9th Sep 07 and start 9th Sep 07. Concentrate on AOSB then worry about the sandhurst intakes later!
  9. Worried about leave mid CC? What are you up to, trying to book a holiday?
  10. django,

    I am not trying to book a holiday. I have been offered a place on a diving exped involved with a Youth Service, so im tryin to work the dates out to see whether i can make it.

    So if anyone can provide any specific dates or how to work out the leave after term 1, that would be greatly appreciated.

  11. Coolio - a worthy cause. Of course you could organise one for your fellow cadets instead if you can't make the dates.

    I don't have the CC dates, though, sorry.
  12. If the dates for the May intake's 1st recess are the same as the January intake's 2nd recess, it would be the 8th August-7th September.
  13. Now that is value added!
  14. I can't remember getting leave at Sandhurst, but maybe my memory is playing tricks on me and condensing that whole year into one pain fuelled nightmare...