RMAS reading

19 platoon by Sydney Jarry!

Now ask questions where you are supposed to! :evil:
"Serve to Lead"

Quite boring really :roll:

The point is not to swot up too much beforehand
It was a while ago - pretty close when put on the spot!
Top tip - just enjoy yourself, see all your mates, get pissed and do all the things that you won't be able to do once you are at the factory. Don't spend your days swatting up - do go running etc though!
Phone RMAS and ask them to send you a copy - that should endear you to the DS!!
Best ask the finance fellas and fillies - they may say you should just to make sure the tax man dos't stitch you later for missed NI payment - they have many ways and means.

None of the tax man's methods are as harsh or devestating as APC glasgow's though....Just you wait till they get hold of your money!
Why not call the Academy Adjt. He will be more than willing to help.

Anytime between 2000 - 0001 on a Sat would be appropriate.

And make sure you tell him your name!!!

Don't be so keen. The only thing you need to know is what time and where you need to be on Day 1. The rest will be taken care of for you.
Browning said:
haha i wasnt planning too!

does anyone know if you can go on the dole if you have a job already sorted. 90quid a fortnight!!
Whether you can draw the dole or not, it hardly projects the right image does it?

If you have some time to kill coudnt you take a fill-in job, perhaps something voluntary and worthy? Its always nice to be smug and take the moral high ground. :wink:
Sounds like you'll be fine... :wink:

The Job Seeker's Allowance is not available to you, as you have a job offer. You may be entitled to income support, depending upon your current savings. Call in at your local Citizen's Advice Bureau.

Well you'll clearly fit into the newly formed vagrant scum platoon - it is an outreach programme aimed at helping underwhelming individuals attain levels of mediocrity hitherto unknown to the military society. Hopefully you'll make the Army a career of second choice after being an apprentice suicide bomber.
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