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Discussion in 'Officers' started by On_time_or_on_target, Aug 19, 2005.

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  1. Gents,

    I realise the more mature members of the mess are getting fed up with daft PO questions, so I took the time to research this before bothering you all with niff-naff and trivia. I really cannot find this information out without ringing RMAS direct - and they're on recess.

    I know that 18 Platoon by Sydney Jary is one of the books on the reading list for Jnr Term at RMAS but was wondering what the other(s) are - I'm doing as much now as I can before the course starts...

    Many thanks, I'll stop asking questions (for) now!
  2. Club International

    Mens World

  3. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    ??? ATR prep maybe, but Sandhurst???
  4. It is like reading The Torygraph and also The Sun - It keeps you in touch with the boys!
  5. Don't worry about it, get running instead. The reading you can do when your there!
  6. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I would say it had a specifically RLC quality to it as well - I refer, of course, to the infamous 'Razzle Stack' which is an excellent, full-colour, primer for tricky storage situations...
  7. Have just come out of Juniors at RMAS so am in a good position to say. You get 18 Platoon, Section Commander by Douglas someoneorother (one of Jary's corporals, it's the partner book to 18 Pl). You also get the Good Book, a book full of leaderhip hints and tips from the great and good called "Serve To Lead", and a dictionary. This is all.

    And no-one checks if you read them or not, and you get sod-all time to in the first five weeks. Stop stressing.

    Turn up with everything on the kit list, plenty of shoe polish (three colours), plenty of Sylvette cloths, and plenty of room cleaning products, and you'll be sorted. Stop stressing, it's not that bad.
  8. Watch the movies 'Zulu' and 'tunes of Glory'

    Read the fictional series 'Brotherhood of War'

    at least thet will keep you mind off stressing
  9. Thanks for the insight guys...does the Daily Star count too or is that a Large Corps thing too?

    Next one then, where in the world can you buy sylvets? I have tried EVERYWHERE (yes really!) and cannot find anything remotely similar unless they have funny silver polish stuff impregnated...

    Will attempt to chill a little between now and Sept - once I've finished this book and found a stock of afor mentioned cloths...
  10. Have you been on your pre-course briefing? If not, when you do go via the NAAFI at RMAS... they stock them in bulk!
  11. but if you can't wait...peter jones, sloane square. And for reading 'today we had naming of the parts' good luck
  12. This may appear to be the biggest no-brainer yet to come out of my keyboard... Selvyts are for polishing your boots, not silver - there is a slight error on the Joining Instructions, that suggests that Selvyt is a silver cleaning cloth. Oh, and the other thing that is missing is a shower cap -you may need it to keep the dust off your forage cap.

    This may help:

  13. Thanks again gents,

    I am fully aware of what a sylvet actually is - I was simply pointing out that in the land of civvie street these are the only similar items I've found...the error in the JIs seems to be that they're stocked at RMAS (the JIs are missing an asterix in the table of 'what to bring') rather than their description (which is missing entirely!).

    PS- surely if we're to keep our rooms preped for inspection there shouldn't be any dust? Thanks for the advice, a Boots near me may well be getting a visit pronto...

    Off to read the Star for the evening...
  14. You can get Sylvets at HM Supplies either at Camberley, Tidworth or the 'Shot. Worth every penny - saves buggering around with dusters and gives a good shine. Trust me - thats all you'll be bothered about in weeks one to five.

    After that leave the reading 'til after Christmas and do it on the train up to London if you must. I guarantee by that stage you mind will be on other things if you are at all normal. Oh and by the way don't try stashing your spare kit behind the loo cisterns or up the back of the chairs- they look there too. Tried it in in Victory College in the 80's and lost a perfectly good set of webbing as a result! Keep it in your car up at the redoubt...if you are lucky enought to have a car!

    You have been warned.

    PS Try not to stress tooooo much!

  15. Try this website for the Sylvet cloths as you can order them direct from the site. Plenty of choice as well.


    Enjoy the polishing and order lots of them!!